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Author Topic: arms MOD to ten's Ki-67 (4.10/4.11)  (Read 4493 times)

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arms MOD to ten's Ki-67 (4.10/4.11)
« on: January 02, 2013, 07:43:14 AM »

additional arms to ten010's Ki-67 IJA bomber ver1.21 MOD.

adding Type91 torpedo late Mod7 (heavy head for only twins)
adding Open/Close Bomb Bay Doors (DBW or SAS AI,Engine,Hotkeys only)
fix 4.11.1m bomsight

1st you have to install ten010's Ki-67

2nd DL one from these links, copy and paste folders to your MODS folder
- Ki-67_V1.21
- Type91torpedoLateMod7
4.10.1m (UP3.0RC4 / HSFX5) https://www.mediafire.com/?oamqt2p1tah1y2j
4.10.1m (DBW / SAS Engine,AI,Hotkeys) https://www.mediafire.com/?afu6d852s3gj01x
4.11.1m (HSFX6) https://www.mediafire.com/?qf5r2td0nbcpfrf
4.11.1m (SAS Engine,AI,Hotkeys) https://www.mediafire.com/?0nfyjcc2q7dji52

3rd , add this line to weapons_ru.properties
Ki-67-I.1xtyp91_lateMod7                1x Type 91 (late Mod7) Torpedo

3Dmodel :ten010 Maddox:1C
Mod Wheels V.5:Barnesy12  PA_Jeronimo 
Classfiles:ten010, Maddox:1C
Special Thanks:s3231541
               Kazudayo and BAHIA_Gp
additional arms and classfiles :western0221
Type91 torpedo modeling :RedFox_90 , western0221


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Re: arms MOD to ten's Ki-67 (4.10/4.11)
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2013, 08:00:58 AM »

This is great! Thank you very much, western!  :)


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Re: arms MOD to ten's Ki-67 (4.10/4.11)
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2013, 08:10:37 AM »

MOST Excellent!
Another great addition to a fine classic bomber *Big Applause*
Thank you very much Western0221
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