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Author Topic: DBW-1916 Sopwith Camel 1917  (Read 7985 times)

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Re: DBW-1916 Sopwith Camel 1917
« Reply #12 on: May 03, 2019, 09:08:33 AM »

Thanks again, VP. I'll grab all of that. And I really don't understand why the Sopwith campaign isn't more popular, just because of how intense flying it really is. From the time you add power you must handle every aspect of the controls without relaxing for even a couple of seconds. I actually get TIRED while flying these missions. The plane is famous among us Yanks because of the Peanuts comics, and the Camel was mentioned often as Snoopy's favorite plane to fly against the Red Baron. But when I look at how much work had to go into this, it had to be a labor of love. But yes, this is exactly the sort of fun I hoped for with DBW 1916. I may go down in flames a lot, but it's always with a smile on my face. :)
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