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Author Topic: FFR-41MR RAM-AIR - Alpha Version 0.03  (Read 93460 times)

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FFR-41MR RAM-AIR - Alpha Version 0.03
« on: July 31, 2012, 07:51:24 PM »

FFR-41MR RAM-AIR Alpha Version 0.03

This MOD is Alpha Virsion.
And,there are a lot of limitations.
However, it plays and enjoy it, please :D

FFR-41MR RAM-AIR Alpah Version0.03
-Support IL-2 4.122

FFR-41MR RAM-AIR Alpah Version0.02
-Missile trigger change to 3 from 2.
-Vector Thrust Mode operation change to "combat flap".
-Modified Flight Model.
-Include skin template.

Requirements... You need DBW1.7's mod environment and F-4 Phantom II MOD and High Resolution / True Color Textures Mod for FFR_41MR's to work.
Put FFR_41MR's folder into #DBW folder
And then make a back up copy of air.ini and add following lines.



Need following MODS(for 4.122).

Delete these lines.
And then delete FFR_41MR's folder in MOD folder.

Vector thrust can be used by using the combat flap.


This MOD modified with base of F-4 Phantom II MOD.

Default 2Dtexture :Gerd
3Dmodel :Gerd
FM/EM :Gerd
Great F-4 Phantom II MOD:s3231541

Big thanks go to:
Oleg for this wonderful IL-2 game
QTim of enable us to mod
SAS and AMT for the amazing jetwar version 1.2 and DBW 1.7 and UP for UP 3.0
Ranwers: Pilot model and skin
Melissa: M61 Vulcan, AGM-84, SUU-16, MK.20 Rockeye
F-22_Raptor_2006 and US_Grant: AIM-7E/E-2 model
Barnesy12: Wheels

Thank you guys for making this project possible!

Thank you for the one directly involve in making this wonderful aircraft:

LC_Crafts: original external 3D model
OC-Tiger: Skins and template
Wasted: Java class, cockpit texture, skins, ordinaces, FM, sound
Ton414: Cockpit texture
Mario71:Java class
Batbomb: Skins and template
Vega: FM
The_Alaska_Man and 51sfts_FC for extensive researches and testing

Thanks Beowolff, Checkyersix, Rock, F22_Raptor_2006, Anto, US_Grant and Deutschmark for support and advises

And also the guys I may have forgot

Down load site:
This MOD
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