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Author Topic: Cougar  (Read 1415 times)

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« on: June 12, 2012, 06:21:22 PM »

Since the new Cougars have been released was there a template released with it?  I'm getting old and don't remember stuff to clearly anymore........ ???

I have been waiting for awhile now to use the Cougar in my Israeli campaign, I had been using Panthers to replace Ouragans.  So I would be delighted to see Israeli 1956 Operation Kadesh skins for the Cougar. 

The other would be a VF-51 for AG-51 skin much like the Bearcat that with self numbering by using no#1 on the bmp followed by the two proceeding numbers generated in game as in this case would be 16 to make 116.

Could'nt find any of my Panther pictures from my campaign.... will take some and post later.

thanks guys..

Okay, here are profiles of the real Ouragans.

Gawd...........what a knucklehead................... I will have to use the Panthers after all, for some reason I never noticed the wing tanks..................knucklehead.....

These would look good on the Panther though... there are no Operation Kadesh stripes on any of the ones I can find. I waited this long for the Cougar............. incorrectly.....

I guess I can wait for Ranwers Meteor so I can replace the Me-262 with it, just hope it's not as long of a wait.

Cheers   Hoss

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