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Author Topic: DBW 1916 update v4 (UPDATED! 29.03.2019)  (Read 443732 times)

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DBW 1916 update v4 (UPDATED! 29.03.2019)
« on: June 10, 2012, 01:12:25 PM »

Download DBW-1916 update pack v4:

Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x8do1y8q3fngwk2/DBW-1916_v4.7z/file


 1. Delete your existing '#DBW_1916' folder
 2. Extract the 7z archive into your game folder

Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d122rrg5xs4ayix/DBW-1916_patch_v4_1.7z/file


Please, post your error & bug reports here! : https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,30252.0.html


This update requires the DBW 1.71 SuperPack, it wont work with UP3 or HSFX5/6/7:


Official skinpacks (1800+ skins): http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=1472
Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tx7wp37g43srp18/DBW-1916_v4_PaintSchemes.7z/file

Psd skin templates: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=1469
Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rao50fl27dqgn1h/DBW-1916_v4_psd_templates.7z/file

Campaigns for DBW-1916: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,217.0.html


Code: [Select]


Bleriot XI, 1909
Caudron G.4, 1915
Caudron G.6, 1917
Etrich A.II Taube, 1913
Etrich Taube, 1911
Fokker Spinne, 1910
Goliescu Avioplan, 1909
Gotha G.III, 1916
Gotha G.IV, 1917
Gotha G.V, 1917
Jeannin Stahltaube, 1913
Rumpler C.IV Early, 1917
Rumpler C.IV Late, 1918
Rumpler C.IV, 1917


 New aircraft:

 Ansaldo S.V.A.5, 1917
 Ansaldo S.V.A.10E, 1917
 Ansaldo S.V.A.10L, 1918
 Aviatik (Berg) D.I, 1917
 Aviatik/SAML S.2, 1916
 Aviatik C.III, 1916
 Aviatik B.I, 1914
 Bristol F.2B, 1916
 Curtiss Felixstowe F.2a, 1917
 Curtiss Felixstowe F.2aF, 1918
 LVG B.I, 1912
 Hansa-Brandenburg D.I, 1916
 Morane-Saulnier G, 1912
 Morane-Saulnier G2, 1912
 Morane-Saulnier H, 1913
 Morane-Saulnier I, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier L, 1914
 Morane-Saulnier LA, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier LF, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier LF2, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier LR, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier L RG, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier N, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier RG, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier L P early, 1915
 Morane-Saulnier L P late, 1915
 Nieuport N.24
 Nieuport N.24bis
 Nieuport N.27
 Pfalz A.I, 1914
 Pfalz A.II, 1915
 Pfalz E.I, 1915
 Pfalz E.III, 1915
 Phönix D.I, 1917
 R.A.F. R.E.8, 1916

 WW1 aircrew objects - Geezer, Mission bug
 WW1 aircrew2 - Max the hitman
 New Nieuport cockpits
 WWI Cavalry mod - Stephen1918, Mission bug, Ufflakkee
 Naval mines - Epervier
 Schooner - Gio
 Infantry updates (dead models added)
 Some new smoke effect textures (crashed aircraft, static smoke)
 4.12 building textures added - Team Daidalos

 Credits: Gio, Murdoc, Mission_bug, Kant, Vpmedia


-DH.2 dead pilot hier.him fix
-Update Albatros DIII FM by DreamK
-Vickers FB.19 by Gio, Murdoc, Kant
-Hudlog Bottom Right mod by SAS~Storebror
-Nieuport IV by Aviaskins team
-WW1 Armored Cars Pack by Dima, Silt, Murdoc, Mission bug
-GAZ truck skins by Max
-Belgian Farman MF11bis skins by Murdoc
-Hanriot_HD2_Hydro skins by Murdoc


-Fokker D.VII update + skins by Max the hitman
-Nieuport 10 pack by Gio, Kant, Murdoc
-Sopwith Pup struts fix by Kant
-Voisin III/V/VII/X by Gio, Kant, Murdoc, Vpmedia
-Airco DH.2 by by Gio, Kant, Murdoc, Vpmedia
-Small bomb explosion effect by vpmedia
-107 extra skins included


-Albatros D.I and W.IV by Kant, Vpmedia based on the D.III
-Hansa Brandenburg W.12, W.29 by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
-Hanriot HD.1, HD.2 by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
-Hanriot monoplane and parasol versions by Kant,Vpmedia, based on Gio's Hanriot HD.1
-Observation Balloon02 Drache skin update
-S.E.5 cockpits update by Kant and Vpmedia
-WW1 arms update fix
-Self stationary plane for Fokker D.II by Kant


-Fokker D.II by Kant, Vpmedia based on Fokker E.III of Lisek
-Fokker D.VII FM update by Kant
-Roland C.II by Gio, Murdoc, Kant
-SPAD S.XIV by Molva, Kant, Murdoc, Vpmedia
-Remove voice comms mod by Marcost (in FMB you dont need to add the 'no radio' parameter to each waypoint anymore)


- vehicles lighting corrected in mat files, no more "too bright" trucks, ships, etc
- winter textures of vehicles and airplanes checked, errors corrected
- Albatros wing struts fix by Kant
- additional stationary aircraft by Mission_bug
- Gallipoli map fix  by Mission_bug
- better cockpits for many planes
- muzzleflash and wingtip contrail hook positions corrected on all planes
- new german Drache balloon by Gio
- fixed Fokker D.VII tail bump on landing

- ambient sounds stationary objects by CY6 and extra sample by Alotef
- static railway gun object from HSFX

- Airco DH9's by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
- Be2c pack by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
- Farmans update by Kant
- Hansa Brandenburg W.29 by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
- Brequet14 A.2 and B.2 by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
- Nieuport.11 in its own slot by Gio, Murdoc, DreamK
- Oeffag C.II and C.IIG by by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, DreamK, Vpmedia
- Sopwith Pup and Triplane by Gio, Murdoc, BisonM, Kant, Vpmedia
- Sopwith Strutters by Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Vpmedia
- Sopwith Swallow by AMT and Kant
- Zeppelin Staaken R.VI in its own slot by Mission_bug, original plane by Gio, Murdoc


- New stationary aircraft by Mission_bug
- Farmans (6) by Gio, Murdoc, Skipper, Kant, Vpmedia
- Fokker D.VII FM improved by Kant and Molva
- Nieuport.28 FM corrected by Kant
- Snipe Cockpit Gunsight fix by Kant
- SPAD S.VII cockpit improved by Kant, new textures by Vpmedia
- Zeppelin hangars by Molva and Max the hitman
- Fixed GUI: new country names, new icons, FMB lists reorganized
- Updated QMB missions
- Better flak colors
- New generic trucks, 3 armoured cars reskinned for ww1,
  many other vehicles/ships reskinned to fit better into a ww1 scenario
- Lots of ww2 related vehicles and ships removed
- Improved german and english observation balloons
- New flags for Germany, Austria, Russia
- Four new hangar tent versions
- Gallipoli map fix by Mission_bug
- 54 extra skins by Murdoc, Nexus6, Vpmedia


- Fokker D.VII by Gio, Skipper, Murdoc
- Ilya Muromets bombers by Gio, Skipper, Murdoc
- Nieuport10 by Gio, BisonM, skin folder: nieu-scout_2_mkic
- Oeffag C.II by Gio, Murdoc, skin folder: Scout_Mk1(it)
- Sopwith Pup by Gio, Murdoc, skin folder: nieu-scout_2_mkid
- Sopwith Triplane by Gio, Murdoc, skin folder: nieu-scout_2_mkie
- WW1 Hangar tents by Molva
- WW1 North Sea map by Real Darko and Gillb57 (2 versions)
+140 skins for the various new aircraft types by Murdoc


-Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters rework by Gio and Murdoc, replaces old frankenplanes
-Source: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,37122.0.html


-50 new skins by Nexus6 and Archie (for Albatros D.III/Va, Oeafag D.III, Fokker Dr.1)
-150 new objects by Max the hitman (they're at the end of your FMB object list)
-MG impact effects fix (new CannonBulletHitFlash.tga)
-Albatros engine sound fix
-few aircraft names fixed in the lists


 Caproni Ca.42 by Gio, DreamK,Vpmedia
 Zeppelin Staaken R.VI by Gio, Murdoc, Max / replaces Gotha frankenplane
 Hansa-Brandenburgs (12) by Gio,Murdoc, DreamK
 Hansa Brandenburg C.I cockpit texture update by Vpmedia
 Farman MF.11's (3)  by Gio, Murdoc / beta version, own slot version later
 Nieuport 17/17A/17B/21/21duks/23 (6) by Aviaskins, Murdoc / beta version
 AEG C.IV/C.IVN updated with AEG J.I/Ia/II (5) by Gio, DreamK, Murdoc, Archie
 Friedrichshafen G.III new wheels by PA_Jeronimo

 New truck textures + 1 new ww1 truck by Max the hitman
 Green Allied or Axis Ambulance (Retextured by Max)
 Blue Allied or Axis Ambulance (Retextured by Max)
 Rider on horse (Rider_m) - Brown/black horse (Retextured by Max)
 New train bridge (Retextured by Max) - optional
 New road/highway bridge (Retextured by Max) - optional
 New higher-resolution train rail tracks - created by Greif + Ufflakke
 WW1 aircraft tents + 16 regular tents retextured by Max the hitman

 WW1 West front map by UP Boomer
 Weapons patch by DreamK
 34 new pilot skin by Max the hitman
 150+ skins for the new types by Archie, Max, Murdoc
 Menu music by Purgatorio & Vpmedia


-S.E.5/S.E.5a by Gio, Murdoc, DreamK, Vpmedia
-AEG C.IV/AEG C.IV-N by Gio, Murdoc, DreamK, Vpmedia


-Oeffag DIII series 153 and 253 by DreamK and AMT
-Fokker D.VI, Zeppelin M new default skins by Max the hitman
-Moon mod and mapfix
-Extra bmp skins for Zeppelin M, Albatros D.Va and Fokker D.VI by Max the hitman, Vpmedia


-Albatros D.Va by SAS~Friction based on D.III by AMT, default skin by Max the hitman and Friction
-Fokker D.VI by DreamK based on Dr.I by AMT, default skin by Archie based on Maxes template
-Siemens-Schuckert D.I by SAS~Friction based on Nieuport.11 by Gio, default skin by Max the hitman
-Zeppelin M by Gio, DreamK, default skin by Max the hitman


-Lohner/Macchi seaplanes by Gio, DreamK, Murdoc, Vpmedia
-Caproni 31/32/33 bombers by Gio, DreamK, Murdoc
-Dirigibile M airship by Gio, DreamK, Murdoc


-DH.9 rework by SAS~Skipper, Aviaskins, Murdoc
-Zeppelin P by Gio, DreamK, Max the hitman
-New FM for Spad S.VII by Kant
-New, high rez trees by Uufflakke
-Animal Repaint (blood and gore) + Bears by Uufflakke
-Stationary Fokker Dr.1 by Maxno

*new in v2.1

-SPAD S.VII by Dima, Valera, Murdoc
-Fokker DR.I by Csocso, Lisek, Anto, Max the hitman, Sani, 101tfs, Vpmedia
-Roland D.II rework by Gio, Murdoc
-New stationary B.E.2C, Fokker E.III, Snipe, N.11 by Maxno
-Somme winter QMB missions

*new in v2!

-Albatros D.III by Magpie, Lisek, Loku, SAS~Anto, Phas3e, Vpmedia, Max the hitman
-Fokker D.VIII by 101tfs, Murdoc, Crazyflak, Vpmedia
-Nieuport.28 by 101tfs, Murdoc, Crazyflak, Vpmedia
-ww1 russian navy ships by SAS~Skipper
-ww1 trawlers by Gio
-ww1 style Razzle Dazzle camo for transport ships and Aurora cruiser by Ectoflyer
-new trucks * 2 based on Gio's prvious ambulances
-new cavalry units by SAS~Skipper and SAS~Epervier
-new ww1 style campaign awards by Murdoc
-every vehicle convoy (ru,de,us) transformed into ww1 style ones using new vehicles by Gio and Asheshouse
-new map: Somme Summer2
-QMB mod with ww1 Somme/ww1 Westfront/ww1 Gallipoli maps, based on new mission templates
-alternative cloud mod by Uflakkee (1024, normal resolution), deactivated by default
-new, higher resolution default skin for the Sopwith Camel by Murdoc & Vpmedia
-B.E.2c by Gio, Anto, Murdoc
-Sopwith Snipe by 101tfs, Anto, Murdoc, Vpmedia
-Carsmasters water mod

Changes checklist:

- Fixed blurred airfields on WW1 Somme map
- WW1 Channel map shallows and airfield texture change
- New, default hi res high clouds layer added, by Manysh
- Desert trees for Gallipoli and Megiddo map by Ufflakee
- new nav map for Megiddo and English Channel
- WW1 Italian front texture updates
- fixed 'missing map 2d text' console errors on all maps
- Somme map road fix by UP-Boomer

- Smoke and effects mod to fit ww1 planes (HG&P modded)
- Increased smoke view distance to 10k by Gurner
- Cloudmod, fps friendly
- New impact crater graphics
- New muzzleflash by vas40
- New fps friendly flak effects
- Tank dust by Socorrista22198, reduced version
- Fixed artillery impact sound bug and added new Mercedes engine sounds by Lawdog
- new locomotive smoke by Gurner

- WW1 tank textures by Max the hitman
- Ford Lender AA car, new hi-res texture by Rofl
- Added horse artillery and horse carts by SAS Epervier
- Balloon repaints by UP_Boomer
- Added mortar, dug-in and prone infantry by CY6
- 3*new observation balloon versions by SAS~Epervier & SAS_Malone

- Renault Ft, 1917 tank from HSFX6
- German 'Beutepanzer' & A7V tanks
- Lanchaster 4x2 Armoured car
- Mk1m, Mk1Vm, BeutepanzerIV, A7V, Lanchaster: Asheshouse, Skins: Max_thehitman, Class Files: Asheshouse
- Schneider CA1 french tank by Gio, 3d fix by Asheshouse
- 6*WW1 vehicles by Gio
- 4 new convoys with new vehicles (based on RAF209_Benge's mod)
- moving infantry and infantry columns (help by RAF209_Benge)

- 2*new cargo ships by Gio
- WW1 shipyard/ 6 ships by SAS Skipper
- HMS Warspite WW1 battleship by Asheshouse

- Default ww1 pilot skins for all planes (by Max the Hitman)
- New default skins for all planes (based on Max the hitmans skins) + skin-guide in the readme.txt
- New damage layers for several planes
- Hi-res cockpit reskins for all planes
- Added missing skin folders to Paintschemes/Skins
- Added 'Damage to ships using guns' mod by Skipper
- HUD mod from allaircraftarcade.com
- fixed ww2 markings on staic aircraft problem
- weathered ww1 markings included
- extra bmp skins for several types

- new, reworked aircraft: 'Trench Sweeper Scout' by Beowulf
- new aircraft: Sopwith Camel by Aviator Mod Team
- included but missing aircraft added to air.ini: Siemens Schuekert D.II
- corrected the names of the aircraft in the dropdown lists (plane_ru.properties)
- fixed Se.5a/FokkerDVII exhaust pipe error
- fixed stationary planes: Gotha, HP 0/400, Sikorsky bombers, fix by SAS_Crazyflak
- new stationary plane: Sopwith Camel by Redfox
- Nieuport 11 rework by Gio + 3 new skins (PaintSchemes\Skins\Nieu-Scout_2_MkIB)
- Nieuport 11 new damage by vpmedia and 2*bmp + default skin by Murdoc
- Fokker E.III by Lisek, SAS~Anto
- Aviatik C.I by Gio
- Friedrichshafen G.III by Gio

- New GUI and background screens
- New splash screen by Jura
- AI mod by Certified

List of the aircraft types in the pack:

Code: [Select]
Albatros D.I
Albatros W.IV
Albatros D.III
Albatros D.Va
Aviatik Berg D.I
Fokker E.III
Fokker D.II
Fokker DR.1
Fokker D.VI
Fokker D.VII
Fokker D.VIIF
Fokker D.VIII
Hansa Brandenburg DI
Oeffag D.III-153
Oeffag D.III-253
Pfalz A.I
Pfalz A.II
Pfalz E.I
Pfalz E.III
Phonix D.I     
Rolland D.II
Roland C.II
SiemensSchuckert D.1     
Aviatik B.I
Aviatik C.I                             
Aviatik C.III
Aviatik/SAML S.2
AEG C.IV     
AEG J.I       
AEG J.Ia       
AEG J.II     
AEG G.IV     
Aero A.26
Brandenburg C.1s26
Brandenburg C.1s26Mod
Brandenburg C.1s27
Brandenburg C.1s29  
Brandenburg C.1s61  
Brandenburg C.1s64  
Brandenburg C.1s169  
Brandenburg C.1s329  
Brandenburg C.1s369  
Brandenburg C.1s429  
Brandenburg C.1s429Sturm  
Friedrichshafen G.III                                       
Hansa Brandenburg W.12
Hansa Brandenburg W.29
Lohner L Float     
LVG B.I                                               
Oeffag C.II            
Oeffag C.IIG            
Zeppelin Staaken R.VI
Zeppelin M       
Zeppelin P
Airco DH-2
Ansaldo S.V.A.5
Ansaldo S.V.A.10E
Ansaldo S.V.A.10L       
Farman MF.11                                         
Farman MF.11recco                               
Farman MF.11bis                                   
Farman HF.30                                         
Farman FF.40                                         
Farman FF.40(20)                                   
Hanriot HD1 France                       
Hanriot HD1 Italy                         
Hanriot HD2 Hydro                         
Hanriot monoplane  
Hanriot parasol
Nieuport N.4  
Nieuport 10                     
Nieuport 10C1                   
Nieuport 10AR                   
Nieuport 10AV                   
Nieuport 11                 
Nieuport 17
Nieuport 17A
Nieuport 17B
Nieuport 21
Nieuport 21Duks
Nieuport 23
Nieuport 24
Nieuport 24bis
Nieuport 27  
Nieuport 28C1                                   
Morane Saulnier Type AI                         
Sopwith Pup                                         
Sopwith PupR                                       
Sopwith Triplane                               
Sopwith Triplane 2                           
Sopwith Camel                                   
Sopwith Snipe                                     
Sopwith Swallow
SPAD 7                               
Vickers FB.19 Mk.I                                 
Vickers FB1.9 Mk.II                               
Vickers FB1.9 Mk.IIw                             
Voisin-III DUKS                                                   
Voisin-III Night                                               
Bristol F.2b                                     
Sopwith Strutter1B1
Sopwith Strutter9700
Sopwith Strutter9700L
Sopwith Strutter9700S
Caproni CA.31           
Caproni CA.32         
Caproni CA.32 350hp     
Caproni CA.33         
Caproni Ca.42
Ilia Murometz G3                             
Ilia Murometz V
Ilia Murometz V Sunbeam
Ilia Murometz G3 Late
Felixstowe F2A                           
Felixstowe F2AF                             
Macchi L1 Float     
Dirigibile M   


Authors of the original DBW 1916 pack which was introduced with the DBW 1.6 version:
UP~Boomer, Zuti, Sergei "Oknevas", Uufflakke/Lejo, Dimus, Agracier, Asheshouse, Beowulf, RAF209_Benge , Skipper and T.DesChene, CirX,
Please alert me to missing names.
DBW1916 update project members: Gio, Murdoc, Kant, Max the hitman, DreamK, SAS_Anto, Lisek, Skipper, Crazyflak, Loku, 101tfs, SAS Epervier, Gurner, Rofl, Jura, Phas3e, SAS_Malone, Ectoflyer, SAS~Friction, Archie, RealDarko, Molva, Bison_M, Mission_bug, VPMedia


New splash screen by Jura http://spitfire.ic.cz/index2.htm


Loading screens:

New high resolution sky texture:

New nav map for Megiddo

New nav map for WW1 English Channel

Static planes




New aircraft:

Nieuport 11 by Gio:

Trench sweeper scout(fictional)  by Beowulf

Sopwith Camel by Aviator Modding Team:

Fokker E.III by Lisek, Loku, SAS~Anto, Vpmedia

Aviatik C.I by Gio:

Friedrichshafen G.III by Gio:

Albatros D.III by Lisek, Loku, SAS~Anto, Vpmedia

Albatros D.Va

Fokker D.VIII & Nieuport.28 by 101tfs, Crazyflak, Vpmedia

B.E.2c by Gio

Sopwith Snipe by 101tfs

Spad S.VII

Fokker Dr.1

Roland D.II

Siemens-Schuckert D.I by SAS~Friction

Fokker D.VI




Airco DH.4

Zeppelins and airships

Farman MF.11

Caproni Ca.31

Caproni Ca.42

Zeppelin Staaken R.VI

Hansa Brandenburg C.I

Nieuport 17-21-23

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Oeffag C.II

Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Triplane

Fokker D.VII

Breguet 14

Hansa Brandenburg W.29

Albatros D.I

Airco DH.9


Hanriot HD.1

Morane Saulnier Type AI


Roland C.II

Airco DH.2

Fokker D.II

Vickers Fb.19

Nieuport N.4

Morane-Saulnier N/I

Aviatik B.I

Aviatik Berg D.I

Hansa Brandenburg D.I


Curtiss-Felixstowe F.2A




Fokker E.III cockpit

Albatros D.III cockpit

Fokker Dr.I cockpit

Albatros D.V cockpit

Sopwith Pup cockpit

Aviatik cockpit

Farman cockpit


Download section: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&c=108

Download: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=1472
Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4pcvbzc4jsgwv4l/dbw1916_skinpack.7z/file

Download: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=1469
Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rao50fl27dqgn1h/DBW-1916_v4_psd_templates.7z/file


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 01:19:01 PM »

This is very good. Thanks vpmedia!


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2012, 03:12:28 PM »

I am standing up and giving an enthusiastic applause to VPmedia! Great job on this cool update!

I have now tested every airplane and the new cockpits look super good with the new coloring and
new dashes. WOW! I would say they almost look realistic!
As for the default skins you have chosen out of my old collection, I thank you very much and I say you
chose some really nice colors and they fit the airplanes pretty nice. Although, I will be doing an update on
them with more details and better looking skins in a few days time.

I am already painting new default skins to improve on these you have chosen. I will also add more details to
the engines, some wooden parts, and make them match and fit these new airplanes a little bit better.

The new effects and new add-ons you have chosen have really brought a nice surprise and cool gameplay to
this version of our beloved IL-2-1916 (DBW-1916). My enthusiastic applause to all the effects-makers and
mod-artists who created them! They are simply amazing! Thanks guys

MY APPLAUSE and a BIG THANK YOU for ALL your hard work and dedication to improving this game!
BIG CHEERS to VPMEDIA and everyone involved in this update!  8)

Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening ! Welcome to SAS1946


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2012, 03:22:27 PM »

Splendid job!!!! Congratulations to vpmedia and all involved! 8)


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2012, 07:12:53 PM »

Have the other 2 packs and have enjoyed both. You have did a great job.


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2012, 07:25:01 PM »


Great. Let's try it.


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #6 on: June 10, 2012, 08:35:56 PM »

Works for me!! Thanks for the Update.


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #7 on: June 10, 2012, 09:54:42 PM »

This update fixed all my problems with the maps not showing up and not loading......thanks a million...... ;)


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #8 on: June 11, 2012, 04:25:25 AM »

Just installed this ITS FANTASTIC!!! thanks VP media and all involved the skins look beautiful just amazing !!! thank you thank you :) :) :)


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #9 on: June 11, 2012, 04:53:08 AM »

I'm glad you like it! I like your work with the pilots too Barnesy.

Little extra info:
Unfortunately some types share the same skin, so Fokker EIII and Fokker Dr1 will look very similar for example.
For the Fokkers theres an altenative skin inside ...\#DBW_1916\SKINMOD\3do\Plane\U_SYP3\summer\optional\
It looks like this: https://www.sas1946.rocks/images/imageshit/img23/5636/ww1b.jpg


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #10 on: June 11, 2012, 05:37:47 AM »

Great stuff, thank you.  Is there an easy way of using the much improved "no cockpit view" flight instruments in DBW 1.71 itself?


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Re: DBW 1916 update v1b3
« Reply #11 on: June 11, 2012, 06:52:53 AM »

Great stuff, thank you.  Is there an easy way of using the much improved "no cockpit view" flight instruments in DBW 1.71 itself?

It's easy, copy the folder #DBW_1916/HUD into #DBW.
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