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Author Topic: MIG-19 V3.1 (26/07/2015) -  (Read 196069 times)

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MIG-19 V3.1 (26/07/2015) -
« on: May 20, 2012, 06:57:16 AM »

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19. V.3.1: Vega's upgrade now is standard

 V2.1: including SM-12PMU

An Add-On for Il-2 1956 by the SAS Modding Community



In its definitive form the ultimate extrapolation of the basic MiG-19 design, the SM-12 evolved, by a process of incremental modification, as a mixed-power point defence interceptor. As the MiG-19S was phased into service with the VVS mid-1956, the MiG OKB was continuing the refinement of the Izdeliye SM twin-engined fighter initiated in 1951 with the SM-1 (I-340). The SM-12 first saw life as an exercise in drag reduction by means of new air intake configurations, and the first of three prototypes, the SM-12/1, was essentially a MiG-19S with an extended and straight-tapered nose with sharp-lipped orifice and a pointed, two-position shock cone on the intake splitter.

The third prototype, the SM-12/3, differed from its two predecessors primarily in discarding the paired AM-9B (RD-9B) engines for two R3-26 turbojets developed from the earlier power plant by V N Sorokin. These each offered an afterburning thrust of 3600kg, enabling the SM-12/3 to attain speeds ranging between 1430km/h at sea level, or Mach=1.16, and 1930km/h at 12000m, or Mach=1.8, and an altitude of between 17500 and 18000m during its test programme. This outstanding performance prompted further development with a view to production as a point defence interceptor.

Similarly powered by R3-26 engines and embodying major nose redesign with a larger orifice permitting introduction of a substantial two-position conical centrebody for a TsD-30 radar, a further prototype was completed as the SM-12PM. Discarding the wing root NR-30 cannon of preceding prototypes, the SM-12PM was armed with two K-5M (RS-2U) beam-riding missiles and entered flight test in 1957. This was joined at the end of 1958 by yet another prototype, the SM-12PMU. This had R3M-26 turbojets uprated to 3800kg with afterburning and augmented by a U-19D accelerator which took the form of a permanent ventral pack containing an RU-013 rocket motor and its propellant tanks. Developed by D D Sevruk, the RU-013 delivered 3000kg of thrust. With the aid of this rocket motor, the SM-12PMU attained an altitude of 24000m and a speed of Mach=1.69, but the decision had been taken meanwhile to manufacture the Ye-7 in series as the MiG-21P and further development of the SM-12 series was therefore discontinued.


Features in V3.1:

1) Fixed flaps drag;

2) Fixed mach drag parameters, now is possible go supersonic with stores at medium altitudes;

3) FT-6 FM now is included into main MiG-19FM

Features in V3.0:

1) New Java Lift Code, Lift degradation vs Speed, It simulates the deterioration of the lift as the speed increases, first at transonic and then supersonic;

2) Engine code, simulates thrust degradation by altitude;

3) Upgraded Flight Model

4) Autopilot

Features in V2.1:

1/New aircraft derived from MiG-19. SM-12PMU High Altitude Supersonic Interceptor. This plane actually exist as prototype and never been mass produced. The SM-12PMU modeled here is semi-historical, with authentic rocket booster and remodeled nose. This nose enable the plane to be fit with RP-21 Radar. Instruction on how to use radar is below. SM-12 use the same skin as MiG-19. Just create a folder name "SM-12" inside your skin folder.

2/Rocket booster of SM-12PMU enable when throttle above 80%.

3/Skinable drop tank: Now drop tanks textures will change according to the skin you selected. Note that drop tanks will not appear in loadout screen but will appear and detachable during gameplay.

4/several other fixed in FM, 3d and java.

5/There's an 3d option included in the download that enable the new nose for normal MiG-19. You can choose to have it or not.

How to use radar:

The picture above pretty much explain how it work but here's the detail:

It have 2 modes (swithable with radar mode key):

Scan mode:

Player start mission with scan mode enabled automatically. However, player's aircraft need to be above 500m altitute to be able to use radar. In scanning mode, there are 2 horizontal lines that represents the lock-on adjustable range (by using radar gain keys) that will be use to get lock-on target in tracking mode.

Scan zone: +/- 25* horizontal, +/- 10* vertical, range 18,000m (theoretically 20,000 but in RL is less than that) also reduced according to weather condition.

When an aircraft is within the scan zone it will be illuminated with a horizontal line (target mark). There are 2 veritcal lines above and below the target mark. The line above are shown when the target aircraft is above the directly forward nose vector of player aircraft. And the line below are show when target aircraft is below that vector.

Target mark move indicate range and bearing of target aircraft in reference to player aircraft. Refresh rate are 2 seconds. Player need to wait for 5 seconds after switching to scan mode before they can use tracking mode again.

Tracking (Lock-on) mode:

Can only track 1 target, players will not be able to switch target, they stay with what ever it track at the beginning. Once tracked, the tracking zone will narrowed to +/-5 degree and moved at an angle that it will always follow the currently tracking target. these radar movement are limited (and slow) so any drastic aircraft movement can cause lost of tracking.

In any case of lost target, player need to turn back to scan mode before they can acquire a new target and use track mode again.

Lost of contacts involves: ground clutter, target out of lock-on zone, radar can't follow target due to own aircraft movement, target aircraft is totally destroyed.

Lock-on zone: +/- 60* horizontal, +/- 20* vertical, range: within adjustable lock-on zone

The target aircraft need to be within lock-on zone. The target mark moving showing horizontal and vertical bearing of victim aircraft to player aircraft, so for a good lock you need to move your aircraft in a way that mark is at the center of the radar scope (there's a marking that looks like a reticle). Range of target aircraft to player aircraft are displayed by 2 horizontal lines mark that move horizontally from outside to the center of the target mark (when the 2 line meet each other....well, you probably already hit the target aircraft (0 distance).

Weather can dramatically reduce the effective range of your radar. Also, when flying below 5000m altitude. Nosing down will cause clutter effect, which render radar useless.

Again, this is best with a videos explanation. Hope someone can make it.

Interception tactic:

If someone introduced himself to jets with MiG-21 and SM-12, without any experience with Sabres and Frescos, I strongly suggest you do some dogfighting with Fresco and K-13 Atoll missiles - it will help you figure out what you can and can't do with those missiles in much less extreme environment than you get in Fishbed/Farmer.

First of all, don't use Alkali unless it's somehow justified by scenario or you want some aditional chalenge - use Atolls for interceptions, no matter if it's against bombers or fighters. Also, if you don't have it yet, install Command and Control mod - it's essential for interceptions with MiG-21 (or SM-12), especially when you play on realisitc difficulty settings. It's not cheating, IRL all interceptions by MiGs-21 where, if possible, ground controlled. MiG-21 even has a seperate GCI gauge for that purpose - it received the coded information from the ground controll and displayed required elevation and bearing to target/next waypoint. Since it's not simulated (and often wasn't even used for GCI) "GCI(m)" object is the best replacement. Place it in FMB wherever it is reasonable to have radar station and make sure it covers the area where interception takes place (deffault range is 100 km, you can adjust it by adding aproporiate lines to .mis file in notepad, you can find these lines in mod's readme).

After you take off head into mission area and wait for info from GCI. You should get target heading, altitude, bearing and distance. The goal is to use these info to get on enemy's six before you even start playing arround with radar. If target heading is higher than bearing, fly at slightly lower course than bearing and vice versa. When you see that the bearing is equal to target's heading, turn towards bearing and start observing radar. Optimally you should get on enemy's six even  before it appears on your radar or at least before it's in lock range.

Once you see the enemy on radar turn so that it appears exactly on screen's vertical axis and adjust your slope (you actually should be flying at the target's altitude given to you by ground control all the time) so that there are 2 vertical lines, one above and one below the target. When it is at 7km (don't look at scale, it's wrong, the top of the screen is 20km, the middle is 10km), select it with gate (use increase/decrease radar gain keys to move the gate) and lock on (select radar mode key). The radar should switch to track mode - you should see the target and two long horizontal lines extending from it. If you don't, press select radar mode key again to switch back to scan mode. If you can't find anymore - abort interception and either go for another run or RTB if skies are hot. If you can see the target in track mode (remember axis are switched now and verical axis shows elevation, not distance), arm the missiles and manouver your aircraft so that the target appears in the middle of the aiming circle - that's important when attacking with heat seeking missiles since they won't follow your lock, this is the only way to force them to track the target you selected. If you manage to do this, proceed until distance markers move above the gap, showing permissible launch range. If you lose the target at this point, abort interception and go for another run, don't try to scan at this distance. Once you move into permissible launch range you should imediately hear change in tone signaling missile lock - if it doesn't happen, wait until you get to like 1/2 of permissible launch range and abort. If missiles locked on, make sure that target is still in the aiming circle and 1/2 of prermissible launch range, launch missiles, breakaway, maximum power and go RTB/ proceed to next target. If you approach to fast and don't launch the missiles before reaching inner border of permissible launch range (it's arround 1.5km IIRC) don't fire missles, breakaway and go for another run.

Also remember that if you can't approach the target from level, you should rather approach from below instead of above - RP-21 is not look down/shoot down capable, if you get ground clutter in track mode, you'll lose the lock. Don't let it happen.

All of this is for bomber/trasporter targets. If you're intercepting a fighter, first thing to do once you lock on is to use the info given you by radar in track mode to get visual on your target. If it happens at night - well, I'm gonna find out some good procedure for that, but in either situation your target probably won't be as forgiving and will try to manouver. At this point it will stop being an interception and start being a dogfight.

- Mati140

Real RP-21 screen:

In game:

Special thanks to:

SAS Team
Jetwar Team
Black Tail Squadron


Pedro Caparrós Calvo: original external 3D
CsoCso: Pilot helmet & MiG-21 Cockpit
Freddy: MiG-17 Cockpit
Wasted: texturing, template, java, weapon, loadout, sound, FM
Texx: texturing and skins
Vega: FM, Java
Milan: Up3.0 Conversion
Anto: Java, Bugs-solving
Benitomuso: Radar Code
Birdman: 3d fixes
GGM: radar textures
Mati140: information and research.
S3: a bit of everything :P
And others that I have forgot...Please contact me I'll include in the creadit list


You MUST be running at least 4.101m with SAS Modact 3.06 or later, OR DBW 1.71 OR 4.11.1m with SAS ModAct 4 OR HSFX6. If not, see this thread.
You MUST be running Il-2 1956 The Jet Era v1.3 or later, see this thread.
You MUST be using Buttons Version 10.1 or later, see this thread.
You MUST be running the SAS Engine mod. Otherwise this pack will NOT work. Available here.
You MUST be using MiG-21Mod, see this thread.
You MUST have installed common utils by Storebror.

Any attempt to install this mod without complying with these requirements might results in CTD and other malfunctions. I hold no responsibility if something happen when you're trying to install this mod.


MiG-19S          air.Mig_19S 1                        NOINFO  r01   SUMMER
SM-12          air.SM_12 1                        NOINFO  r01   SUMMER


MiG-19S         MiG-19S Farmer C, 1956    
SM-12           SM-12PMU Farmer S, 1957

Download V. 3.1! <<----------------- Click here to download

Skin pack: https://www.mediafire.com/?08l7bt1pi7wwhre

1) This mod will NOT run without Jetwar v1.3 and SAS Engine Mod v2.6RC. It has only been tested on SAS ModAct 4 environment
2) Run the 7zip archive and extract 00_MiG-19 to your IL-2 DBW/UP/Mods directory.
3) Please add air.ini entries.




MiG-19 Pak of interceptors for Vietnam MiG-19 P, MiG-19 of PM, MiG-19SU, MiG-19SV,  J-6

for a dl see reply #465 here:

Slot for SM-12,
for a dl see reply #471 here:



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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 07:01:18 AM »

Yes please!  ;D


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2012, 07:13:37 AM »

yes,please release in filefront, I can't open mediafire now, thanks


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2012, 07:15:44 AM »

Sorry, Apparently Filefront block my country IP, so I can upload there. Sorry  :(


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2012, 07:47:46 AM »

Sorry, Apparently Filefront block my country IP, so I can upload there. Sorry  :(
no problem, a friend can help me download it
thank you for this bird


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2012, 07:58:55 AM »

IL-2 is edging closer and closer to Vietnam! Thanks for this! ;D


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2012, 08:12:53 AM »

just D/Led and installed. very nice. even without a joystick, i can tell that you have made this plane very well!
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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2012, 08:17:55 AM »

Glad you like it. UP3.0 Version also released!!! :P


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #8 on: May 20, 2012, 08:20:52 AM »

Another early cold war titan! Thank you!


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2012, 08:27:18 AM »

Thanks a lot for this beauty!


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #10 on: May 20, 2012, 08:47:15 AM »

wow! :o awesomeness! I thank those involved to give us this magnificent plane. It's a beauty.


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Re: MIG-19 V1.0 (20/5/2012)
« Reply #11 on: May 20, 2012, 09:23:42 AM »

yep, real nice. i put her in for bridge busting and works good
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