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Author Topic: Slovakia Bus tour  (Read 748 times)

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Slovakia Bus tour
« on: March 18, 2012, 05:26:44 PM »

so after last night's flight around the alps, and the "Horror Trip" before, i chose something more "paisible" for today.
Slovakia, from 0500 on.
Plane: B-25 C 25
Loadout: default
Fuel: 100%

Rules: Find yourself around the map only from the inside of the plane.
Outside View only for Photography.
Otherwise, full switch. no help whatsoever.


The goal: make a tour of the country, Visit major Cities, make a stop at that airstrip in the Mountains, and take screens of Landmarks and Castles.

We start out in the SW corner, in Nitra.

Nitra in itself is a quite beautiful Spot on the map, a River sort of Dividing the City, and an old Castle around which that river Flows.

The airstrip there is quite short, but the personnel, despite a bit tiured due to the early morning, was friendly.

Was quite foggy too. Tempted to cheat, and using the outside Cam to get my bearings after takeoff... waste of time. in this fog, you GOT to use the compass and the map.

This the city? nope

trees... pull up!

Ah. The City. the River, and inside its curve... the old castle.

after a 360° turn around the City, i think we can move away from Nitra, and start moving anti-clockwise. Into the sun...rise!

Next Goal: Leva.
next orientation Point: Verebely.
heading: 110ish

In the fog, you really... have trouble keeping your plane on the right path. looking out the Window does not help much really.
Fog... Fields... where are the Streets and the Villages...
Throttling back, PP 60, to 2000RPM, Manifold in the green. No need to rush. Preserve some fuel.

Should be on the right track...right?

Ugh hell no!
the 3 small villages in the yellow box are where i am at - about 5-8 clicks north of where i thought i was.
and the island in the red square can help me find Leva.
Find Island, head south to the bridge, turn E.

Found the island

Navi confirms its the right one.

Lets go for that bridge...

Leva... looks tranquil.

Next Leg. From Leva to Kruu...whatever.
Helping point: in H3 lower right, the Road splits.
A Thing i will not be able to see... but the Navi dude has spotted it. above the .50 :)
Banking hard... ENE, following the Route.

A moment to chill...

Keeping track of where we are...
The village that lies directly ON the road... not too hard to find.

Waking up the Paysans in that small place...
with an impromptu flyby airshow... once fast, once "dirty" and once bybye
those that were too lazy to get up missed it all...


Next: Krupina, and then Zvolen.
That means engaging myself in this small Valley...

Hold on, the Road Splits again in here, lets follow West, to this place called... Pi Piecvo... Piesovce.
Hold fast... Banking at treetop level...

Nothing to see but a Village sleeping in the morning Fog.
half past Six in the morning... i guess i am waking people up.

Back on the Road to Zvolen... once again, a Valley, and more Fog...

Zvolen Itself
they have a large Cemetary here... Seems to me like the City is old, and well maintained.

Finding that Airfield... East of Svolen... i see a familiar set of Trees, and beyond the trees, a flat surface.

Climbing out to walk the dog, and make this post at the SAS ;)
Downloading the Imageshack Bulk Uploader...
DrawIfNotFocused=1 :)
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