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Author Topic: FM modded - default Spitfire Mk Vc  (Read 1515 times)

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FM modded - default Spitfire Mk Vc
« on: January 27, 2012, 10:09:40 AM »

Hi all, I had this posted in the Lounge, but was advised  to move it to the real specialists:

I'm still in the proces of adding mods to my 4.101 install and the latest was Spitfire Mk Vc (fb), Spitfire Lf Mk Vc & Spitfire Lf Mk Vc (cw). (There's also a Mk VIII fighter bomber version in this pack, but these have nothing to do wit my question.) Don't know who made this one - its even no longer available here at SAS - but I liked it a lot in 4.09. So now I've got this one working in 4.101 with modact 3.06, only when flying,  after a very short time there's the message 'Engine overheated'. I fly at around 70% power, nothing special IMHO. Changed the mission back to the default Vc, the message apeared much later and was much easier 'removed'.
Is there a way to modify the 'modded FM' so that the temperature is kept under control easier??    Or better / safer can someone do this for me (and the rest of the fans)

Edit I have found a work around for this problem in Veltro's Seafire pack :). Flying much more smoother than the Fighter bombers and missing the overheat problem. Plus an added bonus of opening canopy, drawback: no clipped wing version and a non historical hook for a Mk Vc :(. But these are 'problems I can live with. Maybe it even saves diskspace as there's only one skinmap for both versions.
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