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Author Topic: Junkers W-34 Legion Condor, SCW  (Read 4790 times)

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Junkers W-34 Legion Condor, SCW
« on: January 13, 2012, 04:17:30 PM »

Here we are again with more SCW skins for this beautiful ugly plane. Since I always thought that this mod resembled more the Junkers W-34 than the F-13 (take a look to the schemes, please)



I’ve made all the skins for Ju W-34 that served in Spain, mostly with Condor Legion, at least all the ones known from pictures.
Most of this 7 or 8 planes (43-8 is not that sure) served at the beginning as light transports and liaison, to become later mainly meteorological observation planes, with those huge antennae on top.
Some of them were repainted in some moment of the conflict, so I tried to give you the known variations. The fun of these skins is that with only 8 planes, they all are different, a good example of the lack of uniformity in aircraft painting in SCW.
There was one, 43-3, that was used as personal transport by one of the main generals of Nationalist side, Queipo de Llano, so if you want to cut the head of the rebellion in Andalucia, this is the one you have to shoot down.
As an extra, you can also find two skins for republican F-13. One is that weird one with markings of both sides and the other is for the only military F-13 that could have been serviceable at the beginning of SCW, 49-2. The pic is prewar, so you can also use it for colonial wars.
There’s also a postwar skin for W-34.
OK, have fun downloading them here:


And now, som pictures:



43-3 first version

43-3 later version



43-6 early

43-6 late (or too late)


If you are wondering about the stripe along the fuselage, may be it was used as civil airliner before military use...(this pic is weird anyway, probably postwar, because it’s a celebration and paint looks heavily weathered)

Postwar W-34 in Spanish service.

Junkers F-13 EC-BBA captured by republicans.

Military F-13 49-2 in prewar (may be early war) paint. It fell in Republican side.


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Re: Junkers W-34 Legion Condor, SCW
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 04:40:22 PM »

Beautiful skins! Many thanks for sharing,  8)


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Re: Junkers W-34 Legion Condor, SCW
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2012, 04:06:19 AM »

Very useful skins mate!!
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