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Author Topic: A la guerre comme a la guerre...  (Read 1701 times)

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A la guerre comme a la guerre...
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:41:25 PM »

Two campaigns by plane IL-4 for version 4.11
The white sea (Murmansk) 1943
On Northern fleet in March, 1942 of profit from Pacific ocean six more crews Silt-4 under G.D.Popovicha's command. The squadron of torpedo bombers was a part of 2nd . In May delivered party from 24 torpedoes 45-36??. The first departures with them  have made on July, 2nd and 17, 1942, but the success has come later. On July, 29th, on the basis of the data of air reconnaissance, the pair Silt-4 which was conducted by captain Garbuz, attacked the escort of the opponent consisting of two transports and seven ships . As a result of hit of two torpedoes the big transport (displacement nearby 15000) has sunk.

East front 22.06.1941

Against Germany pilots of distant bombing aircraft have entered operations on June, 22nd.
To the majority of crews of the ships practically at once after the beginning of war instead of strategic, steels it is put problems on destruction of "manpower" of the enemy, ?.? the dalne-bombing aircraft as a matter of fact worked as front, destructive cover because of confusion of the first days of war wasn't allocated that finally has led to huge losses of staff and technics among dalne-bombing aircraft.

That occurred in June-July, 1941, still in many respects isn't clear. Otherwise wouldn't guess on hundreds German photos how to "adhere" to a place this or that padded or thrown Soviet tank, whose accessory is meant by a rhombus on a lateral wall of a tower or a wide cross - on its top sheet.

Unknown persons there were hundreds "Stalin falcons". All were balanced by death and oblivion: those who on fanerno-percale "donkeys" and "seagulls" tried to fly up from a flame of the torn to pieces airdromes and has been brought down, and those who flied up and perished in air fights, and those who hadn't time even to reach the car, cut by lead. Numbers of all Soviet aviation regiments,  are unknown authentically even to air blows at a dawn and the whole day long on June, 22nd, not to mention ranks and surnames of their commanders, about the concrete facts of their fighting activity. Till now it is not counted up, how many crews ??, ??-3 and Su-2 hasn't returned from self-destructive departures without destructive cover. Departed not to immortality, in a non-existence.

It, the missing person, but up to the end executed the soldier's duty that behind an avaricious phrase in documents "the crew simply disappears hasn't returned from the fighting task" and to those terrible days of 41st and this company about those terrible and tragical, first days of great war is devoted...


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Re: A la guerre comme a la guerre...
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 09:43:42 AM »

The sea hunter  IL-4
The distant east 1945

Last fighting departures Silt-4T have executed torpedo bombers in the Far East in war with Japan. Operations have begun on August, 8th 1945 ?. In two hours after nuclear bombardment by Americans of Hiroshima. Armies of Red Army have intruded in Manchuria and Korea which have been occupied by Japanese Kvantunsky army. Planes of 19th distant aviation case and the Air Forces of Pacific fleet have executed 157 fighting departures on bombing and dump of torpedoes. Silt-4T from 4th minno-torpedo regiment on August, 9th bombed the Korean port Racine. On the night of August, 10th 76 Silt-4T was struck by blows to Chanchunju and Harbin in Manchuria. Japanese fighters in the sky practically wasn't, therefore bombers and torpedo bombers operated both at night, and in the afternoon. For 25 days of war with Japan torpedo bombers of Il4T from 19th distant aviation case torpedo attacks have sunk 15 floating crafts of the opponent.

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