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Author Topic: Suez Crisis 1956  (Read 4389 times)

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Suez Crisis 1956
« on: December 30, 2011, 02:23:55 AM »

Suez Crisis 1956

This is a campaign about pilots of MiG-15 and MiG-17, who take a part in the fighting in Egypt during the  1956.

It is made for 4.101m + UP3.0 + DBW + MODS (see below)

Historical brief:
In 1956, the Suez Canal became the focus of a major world conflict. The canal represents the only direct means of travel from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, making it vital to the flow of trade between Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. Normally, free passage was granted to all who used the canal, but Britain and France desired control of it, not only for commercial shipping, but also for colonial interests. The Egyptian government had just been taken over by Gamal Abdel Nasser, who felt the canal should be under Egyptian control. The United States and Britain had promised to give aid to Egypt in the construction of the Asw_n High Dam in the Nile. This aid was retracted however, and in retaliation Nasser nationalized the canal. He intended to use the funds raised from the operation of the canal to pay for the Dam.

Angery British and French politicians joined forces with Israel, a long time enemy of Egypt, in an attack against Nasser. The Israeli army marched toward the canal on October 29, 1956. Britain and France reinforced the Israelis, and the joint effort defeated the Egyptian army quickly. Within ten days, British and French forces had completely occupied the Suez region. Egypt responded by sinking 40 ships in the canal, blocking all passage. The United Nations sought to resolve the conflict and pressured the two European powers to back down. The rest of the world shunned Britain and France for their actions in the crisis, and soon the UN salvage team moved in to clear the canal. Britain and France backed down, and control of the canal was given back to Egypt in March 1957. The Egyptian government was allowed to maintain control of the canal as long as they permitted all vessels of all nations free passage through it.

Recommended rank is Colonel (Polkovnik)
Difficulty level - any
It is also strongly recommended to disable the function "No Instant Success".

Sergei Prokofiev - Skvorez.
Mstislav Neudachin - Nachprod

Adaptation to 4.101m + UP3.0:
Taras Nechiporenko - wasted (Pull_Out_An_Eye)
Mike Williams - BeoWolf

AI Helicopters:

Jet Bomber:
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Sources and materials used in this campaign:


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