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I don't get the idea of that "board" anyway .. If someone wants to make a post in polish (or any other language), they can do so in this whole section ..

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--- Quote from: Hartmann84 on August 23, 2016, 11:06:58 AM ---Hello, you did not tell me in what section to apply, with such a problem, I installed the mod Fix engines cowlings and propĀ“s_HSFX7, but with outboard fuel tank it has a hole, can somebody could help to solve this problem or you can not tell in a contact section, Sorry for the Google translation,or where you can ask this question in Russian.
--- End quote ---
Open a new post to your request ... but here you do not ask for help.
2nd time !
I remove your post !

And I remind you that you have asked your question here :,38129.msg568051.html#msg568051


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