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Author Topic: B-36 Peacemaker  (Read 39983 times)

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Re: B-36 Peacemaker
« Reply #48 on: April 14, 2013, 07:44:36 PM »

The angle on those treaded U/C is about similar for water skiing ...and I'd bet they function like a water ski too on land - all that wieght would've pressurised the mud into most of the 'working space' within the unit, locking up the motive parts tighter than a frozen panther/tiger (tank) in deep snow in the morning.


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Re: B-36 Peacemaker
« Reply #49 on: April 18, 2013, 06:58:17 AM »

If some of you are serious about taking this behemoth on.
Here's a link too a 3D virtual of the following.
Convair B-36J Peacemaker
   - Pilot Station
   - Aircraft Commander
   - Engineer
   - Radar-Navigator
   - Radio Operator
   - Aft Cabin
   - Tail Turret
LINK ---- http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/virtualtour/cockpits.asp


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Re: B-36 Peacemaker
« Reply #50 on: April 18, 2013, 08:58:53 AM »

Extremely useful resource you've got there, cheers. :)


On a side note, here's my 2 cents regarding the amount of crew positions, which might go like this:

-Position 1 for pilot (gunsight mode switches to the engineer seat if possible)
-Position 2 for navigator/bombardier seat
-Position 3 for nose gunner
-Position 4 for port upper gunner
-Position 5 for starboard upper gunner (both 2 have the fore and aft turrets merged)
-Position 6 for ventral port gunner
-Position 7 for ventral starboard gunner
-Position 8 for tail gunner

Some of the fuselage turrets may be left AI only if necessary, and for the stripped down J model the positions can be narrowed down to 3.

And lastly, we'll probably need something as vast as the Peterhead airfield in the stock Norway map to accommodate this bird this BIG (with a B-29 for comparison):  ;) :D
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