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Author Topic: "Abbeville Boys" - FW190 1943 Campaign for 4.12  (Read 12360 times)

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Re: "Abbeville Boys" - FW190 1943 Campaign for 4.12
« Reply #24 on: April 06, 2015, 03:24:03 AM »

I take no credit for it. I remembered somewhere back in the darkest depths of the forums somebody solved the problem by looking for (not the exact terminology) "object collision blah blah" in the logfile. Whilst not the total solution, checking out the position of objects on the map in FMB has solved 95% of my exploding planes problem if a campaign crashes.

One of my recent favourites, I transferred a running campaign over to C.U.P. and got an immediate exploding plane at mission start. The culprit was a siren object placed at the spawn point at the start of the runway. The object wasn't there in on my TFM412 map but mysteriously turned up in the C.U.P. version.

Anyways, glad my solution worked for you.   
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