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Author Topic: DCG for Dark Blue World - New Packs for DBW 171 & DCG 346/7  (Read 138412 times)

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DCG 3.46-7 Mod/Campaign Pack for DBW 1.7.1 by COMSLINK

This pack requires that you have DCG 3.46 or 3.47 installed at the standard location of

“IL2-DBW install” / IL2DCG (which seems to cause a memory error; this is harmless but annoying...)

and allows you to use DCG 3.46/7 with SAS Dark Blue World 1.7.1 with all mod planes, vehicles, ships and columns active in DCG along with some essential classic extra mod planes.
The exe file should unpack everything into the right place, i.e. “IL2 install folder” / jsgmemods, where it can be enabled or disabled using jsgme when the next DCG update comes.

Extra Mod Planes Preinstalled
These are most of the planes included as extras in the standard package already pre-installed which should allow you to play many updated campaigns without needing to install any extra planes. Loadouts already included. Some have the stationary model included but these are not yet implemented for simplicity at this stage.

The new air.ini in !DCGConfig is structured to match class.dcg and includes notes relevant to DCG1946, coming next (DCG 1936, 1946, 1956).
You can also use this with other JSGME packs, only additional planes changing air.ini (+planes.properties & weapons.properties) may be incompatible, but it isn’t difficult to add any additional entries and mod planes to extend the JSGME pack.

DBW 171 Optionals
(which were removed from DBW171 but still exist) are included but not active in air.ini, these can be re-enabled by removing the // double slash. DBW optional plane class.dcg entries are all in the ClassXtra.txt file, where you can copy and paste over to class.dcg, but make sure there are no empty lines in class.dcg, even at the end! These planes still have loadouts included in allpayloads.dcg for both DCG346 and 347. You should only use these if you really need to, stationary planes are also inactive and they may well disappear completely in DBW1.8, so this is for backward compatibility with old campaigns, but it would be better to use an alternative plane instead.

Loadout Assignments - allpayloads.dcg and payloads.dcg
There are two sets, the default files are for DCG347 with the new 40 character strings, allowing all loadouts to be active in DCG (except 2). The second set is for DCG346 with the old 20-character limit, i.e. anything longer is removed to prevent the infamous exploding spawns. These are in the 346 folder. If you're using DCG346 just copy these into the main data folder and overwrite the others. You cannot mix them, the formats are different. These should all be OK, but if you do suddenly get planes exploding on the runway, pause, open the console and scroll up to look for the error report saying can't find loadout XYZ etc. Then report back so it can be fixed.

The assignments here are only provisional, as you can select from up to 40 for some planes, but only one for each mission type. The current assignments are pretty basic, trying for some variety in places and standardisation in others, but should really reflect the period of the campaign. Everyone will have their own preferences, but some of the lists are extremely long on that little screen...

Skin Folders
DBW does not have skin folders for all the included planes, which means your R-XIII won't show up in DCG until you make one. A whole set of empty folders is included just in case; if I missed one and a plane doesn't show up please report.

DCG Docs
Includes a collection of docs for reference; need updating but still helpful.

Poland39 Campaign
An updated Poland39 test campaign is included in the pack, with new planes, columns, template and active front objects (infantry, HMG and 37mm, on both sides). Period loadouts and squad settings are in the timetable so these will be automatically set when you start the campaign; no heavy bombs or late war loadouts, no need to do it yourself,  just the usual general DCG density, replacement rate etc. This campaign only includes things in vanilla DBW171, so no dynamic weather, but if you want Do17s (now they're back in service) you have to add a squad, but the data is already in the DCG files...

Change log 05 05 2012
Squad IDs updated
Crew Seats updated
Upgrades/Downgrades updated
Ship names updated
Loadout bugs fixed (again, finally, both versions)
Mod planes included
Pacific campaigns removed - disastrous upload of draft edits... delete if you downloaded the original.
Patches uploaded

DCG-4-DBW package by COMSLINK (Slink) May 2012.
Paul Lowengrin, for creating & continuing to support DCG; see the website at http://www.lowengrin.com/news.php
AMK for the original HSFX5 files
Vermin for the original service dates
Widowmaker214 for the original HSFX4.1 files
JG7_X_Man for the original UP2 files
Lonestar, for not wringing my neck...

411 planes
won't be needed in DBW 1.8, but will be included in campaigns of course.
Credits to TD team for originals & SAS~Epervier for conversions
Cant Z506B
TBD-1 Devastator
Rogožarski IK-3
TB-7 M40F/Pe-8

Essential Classics
MS-502                        Restored from 1.6 with new identity as Ki-76 Stella, needs skins!
He46C2 as Hs126           Original mod by DreamK, original skins by Juanmalapuente & Albert von Grewe
Ki-44-II Otsu & Hei         DBW hidden pack by vampire_pilot
Do 217E2                      TD, gio963tto, SAS~Skipper, SAS~Epervier, western0221
Do 17Z                         Ranwers, crazyflak, Wolfighter, RDDR, Rock & Grief
Wellington Mk III            Ranwers
B-26B Marauder             Ranwers, crazyflak & RDDR
A-26 Invader                 CY6
D4Y2 & D4Y3 Judy          ten010 (& Birdman)
Ki-30/51                       SAS~Skipper, melissa & vampire_pilot
dH 89a                         Blitz & Epervier
Bu 181                         101fts, Verhängnis, Beo, Skipper, Ton & SAS~Epervier
P-47D-30/40                 Kumpel & Freddy
P-47N-15                     101fts, crazyflak & Kumpel
P-61A & B Black Widow   101tfs, crazyflak & SAS~Storebror
Walrus                         RealDarko, tedeschene, Mission_bug, The chief of food supply, diavolirossi, Wolfighter

Stationary planes          SAS~Epervier (not yet active)

DCG 4 DBW Standard package:           https://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9zx539q0to8dkkc  (10 MB, includes new patch data)

DCG 4 DBW Standard package patch:  https://www.mediafire.com/download.php?e7iwjt4waega3ct   (for those who already downloaded)


DCG 4 DBW Mod package:                 https://www.mediafire.com/?r93pnv2lq89y53p                      (177 MB, includes new patch data)

DCG 4 DBW Mod package patch:        https://www.mediafire.com/download.php?71e1g1r50v9342q   (for those who already downloaded)


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Re: Quick & Dirty DCG for Dark Blue World
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 05:21:18 PM »

cool stuff mate. I dont use DCG myself (yet) but it seems worth it...

We will soon open a new set of child boards up here for UP3, DBW and HSFX, and there will be exclusively for posting mods or adaptiations or patchies made by users and members specifically for that pack.

This will go nicely in there. :)


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I dream one day DCG (or other similar stuff) will have full mod support, in particular the Forgotten Countries mod.


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World v1.1 - Important new update v01
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2011, 10:14:37 AM »

Thanks Slink!

So to confrim my understanding: I'll still have to download and install DCG from lowengrin.com, then install this DCG4DBW? And the campaigns on lowengrin.com should then work with DBW? Thanks!

Flying H

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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World v1.1 - Important new update v01
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2011, 03:20:20 PM »

Great work Slink, I can now use this favorite again!!
And you can fly, high as a kite, if you want to.........


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World v1.1 - Important new update v01
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2011, 03:23:03 PM »

Indeed lam, just download and install DCG as per Paul's instructions, the only difference is replacing Paul's "stock" files in the DCG "Data" directory with these three, which will enable all the planes in DBW in DCG.
Stock DCG campaigns should run without problems (now most of the bugs have been fixed!?). You may want to review the planes at the start of the campaign though as I said for Poland39, as the old campaign planesets only use stock 4101, and remember to choose loadouts for the planes in your chosen campaign, no bombs, no bangs.

Third party campaigns might use previous modded planes from UP2 which may since have been changed in DBW, so unless or until a campaign is updated it's worth checking the campaign files first to see if everything matches up. The other place to look is in the timetable.dcg file for your campaign, this could contain "NewPayload" entries which may specify a loadout which was in UP2 for example but has been changed in DBW, so again, check out your campaign first to avoid sudden errors spoiling your fun.

This is basically just a "mod enabler" for DCG like the previous sets for UP2 and HSFX, but it's the combination that extends your horizons, they basically go hand in hand, and the files will be updated as things move on and I get through updating all the data for the planes, which may take a while though.

Happy to be of service and hope you enjoy flying DCG in DBW.


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World v1.1 - Important new update v01
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2011, 04:16:56 PM »

roger that...will check it out, though even if say planes are the UP2 or older variety, it still might work...
thanks for opening up horizons!


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World v1.1 - v01 + quick fix
« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2011, 09:04:58 AM »

Slink, thanks a lot for this amazing piece of work! It gives DBW its full potential.

Just downloaded, installed and tried: so far, it runs as advertised.
Small hiccup: I launched a Mareth Line 43 GB campaign (Desert Online map) and run into troubles with the H2 airstrip.
Neither AI nor I could take off from this airstrip: we just ran the whole length without succeeding  to get airbone and crashed at the end of the strip.
Don't know where the problem comes from; never had it with the same campaign on the other Il2 versions (4.09, 4.101, UP2.01).
Have to go to work now; will give you a more detailed report later.

Thanks again Slink, and long live DBW


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World - v01 + quick fix
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2011, 03:49:54 PM »

Thanks for the feedback, if you do find any probs let me know, there is still a long way to go until everything is 100% reliable.

Mareth Line. Weird. This pack or DCG itself can't change anything that would cause such an effect.
Could be something changed on the map? temp/pressure/climate whatever?
Something changed in DBW; which aircraft?
Your throttle axis needs calibrating (even had this on a CH)
Your're flying on Sunday morning after the saturday night party in the hangar. All your planes have hangovers, try going to oxygen, works wonders...  ;)

Update: Tried it, in DBW1.2. It's the new AI mod, this is still a beta in testing, but looks like you'll have to disable it in jsgme for now. Take off is fine without it.
You could still put the old AI mods in #DBW until this is fixed if you can't stand the stock AI, Certificate, Burn's rework of Sani's AI_Overheat, etc, but if you're using the mods cache remember to disable it and delete the wrapper cache files in the #DBW directory if you do change any mods.
Now go out there and give jerry a bally good thrashing old chap. 8)


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World - v01 + quick fix
« Reply #9 on: July 10, 2011, 03:35:23 AM »

Thanks for the answer Slink,

Even if I was not enough accurate in my description of the bug; I could take off from the other airfield on the map, but not from the H2 airstrip which is a DCG addition to the map.
No problem with the throttle, and I tried with the Spit V trop and the Spit IXc (I tried 2 campaigns in fact ).

I am using only the Forgotten countries full, Mission Combo pro and Soundmod with my DBW 1.1; don't know how to disable the AI mod. I will wait for the final version of the AI mod. Patience has its rewards.
Meantime I have launched a Lybia 41 RAAF campaign ( Tomahawk IIb, to change from the Spit); will keep you posted if I met with any other problem.

Thanks again Slink...and by the way I could not party this saturday night: I was at work!!!


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Re: Crash on take off
« Reply #10 on: July 10, 2011, 06:22:15 PM »

GEORGES44, yes, that's the one I was on, Hotel_Two-3_Airstrip, it's one of the "invisible carrier deck" types, so your planes line up in a double row...

The AI mod is in jsgme, #DBW_AIMod, but if you don't have it enabled?
Tried this again with the same results, AI mod on, all planes try to raise their undercarraige at the end of the 'runway' but don't have enough speed up to get off the ground.
That's why they're crashing, wheels up because this is actually a carrier take off, (and I think the mod has problems there too).
On a normal runway you can just keep going until you build up enough airspeed.
Mod disabled, all my Hurricanes lift off half way down the "deck", so if it's not the AI mod, well, I wonder?

Yes, but while you're at work all your planes are back in the hangar knocking back some of the 100 octane hard stuff...


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Re: DCG for Dark Blue World - v02
« Reply #11 on: July 11, 2011, 07:33:23 AM »

Upgraded to DBW 1.2, and via JSGME could finally test with and witout the AI mod.

Slink, I agree with you: the AI mod seems to be the cause. The bug happens only if the AI mod is enabled. :(
I feel a bit ashamed to have to report a bug to the modders who worked so hard to create this AI mod; like a spoilt child complaining about a new toy. I let you give them the bad news.

Feeling so depressed I think I'll give in to the lady who wants to spend a few days at the seaside, enjoying the sea, the sun, and she added she'll like to dine out too. Since she never ever complained about the time I spent flying Il2, I just can't refuse. :D

Next time I test DCG/DBW 1.2, my face will be less pale than usual. Hope the AI mod bug will be resolved then. Can't imagine Il2 without the AI mod.

Happy holidays Slink and all the modders; you have deserved to take some time to yourselves and enjoy the summer days elsewhere than in font of a monitor.

See you in the fall  8)
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