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Author Topic: 3rd_DCG Korea1950_1953_JET_ERA_1.3  (Read 3231 times)

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3rd_DCG Korea1950_1953_JET_ERA_1.3
« on: March 19, 2011, 01:56:32 PM »

3rd_DCG Korea1950_1953_JET_ERA

3rd_DCGKorea1950_1953_JET_ERA v1.3

Base was DCG Korea 1950-53 UP2.01+HSFX4.1 is a third party campaign for Paul Lowengrin's  (many THX to PAUL)
I add new planes and same new objets.

Need 410_COREA_PLANES_1.06 pack, 410_COREA_MAPS pack v. 1.0 and DCG 3.45

After install 410_COREA_PLANES v 1.06 campaign you can run this campaign in DCG 3.45 you can run like IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns in Replace Career Generator DGN Mode, Auto-Generation Mode.
You can run in online too.(replace NGen). You have 5 subcampaign.
In KTO5 you will be flight all new jets

use IJN to fly by North Korea's side
Use USAAF, UMCS, USN, RN to fly by American's side

Settings for DCG 3.45 and IL1946 are in *.png files

This campaign use objects from 410_CY6_Command_and_Control_111
(GCI radar mod and symulation Arty(g))
All Pack you can download from:

THX ALL who make this mods and object and planes and campaign

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