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Author Topic: MiG-3  (Read 71762 times)

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Re: MiG-3
« Reply #120 on: September 25, 2018, 08:35:03 AM »

I did not want to offend you or any others. Sorry for that! I am a beginner in Il-2 and hardly understand a 5% of this simulator! In previous years I was engaged with SF1 and SF2 series and it took me a lot of time to undertand the things and make something myself. I am not a modder and very far from this. Of course the modders there helped me and explained many things before I managed to do something myself and then share my products. SF1/2 series are much more easier than Il-2. They are open and simple. That's why I made many skins, decauls, could edit weapons, any inis, made my own version of airfield approach lights. But one day I lost everything cause my hard drive crashed and I lost 200 GB of SF1/SF2 data and 6 years of my work. Then I decided to start with Il-2 and found that there is a great difference between these two simulators. Il-2 is very difficult for me. It is not the same way like in SF when you just to drop the mod and use it! Il-2 has many versions, hard work with inis, many mod incompatibilities with many versions. Of course I stuck and started to ask questions here. If I only could, I would have already make my mods and share them here, and I ma eager to do this. I guessed that we, the amateurs, beginners and those who are very far from modders, are here to ask questions in order to understand something, and the professionals, modders (like you of course) are hear to help us. And these are not complaints, but just questions. I saw that this mod is very old, and my asking questions on it means that I started with Il-2 just 6 or 7 months ago in fact. And I even did not know why the signs and marks do not work with it! I understand that you receive many questions and are tired to give replies to them, but if my questions cause such negative reaction, then I will not ask anything anymore here. Anyway, many thanks to you and to all who helped me to understand, download and enjoy this beautiful simulator
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