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I thought I'd start a new thread where we can post a picture of what we look like. We come from so many backgrounds and countries, I thought it would be neat to see what we all look like. They can be a serious picture or a funny one. What ever suits your personality. ;D

This is one of me. An older picture but its what I looked like trying to get the 4.09m patch installed.
Me pulling my hair out.

Every three years I donate my hair to Locks for love which makes wigs for kids with cancer.

This is me standing next to my 2nd favorite plane next to the Bf-109...Hey all....Salute

Great picture. ;D

Me at Duxford '08.New on here,usually go by the name of JG52 Uther on other forums!

While visiting the local history museum in Cairns, I spied this WWII-vintage RAAF Link Trainer.  The elderly museum volunteer who was giving us a tour suggested I climb in for a photo.  Cheers to Australian hospitality.  :)


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