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Model Airplane News covers site


This site might appeal to the RC model builders on these boards, as well as possibly the modders and skinners.

Art on the Cover of Model Airplane News

Like it says, color art of aircraft from 1929 until 1969, with links to a short history of the featured plane. Generally there are 1-2 pictures of the  plane, sometime with a 3-view. There are lots of interesting, obscure "Golden Age" and early WW2 types featured during the early years of publication. During the war it mostly featured the latest U.S. military planes. After the war, it became much more of a grab bag, sometimes featuring the latest military jet or civilian type, sometimes featuring vintage or model aircraft.

I love the old art work. Thank you for sharing this one. :)

I like them pictures :)


WOW man ! that´s a GREAT website. Beautiful looking art and interesting
magazine. I never knew about this one. I want to collect them all!
Thanks for the post!


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