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Today's Headline image (01-25-2011) (P-47)


Hi folks,

did I tell that I'm Jug-addicted already? No? So I did now...

Accordingly I can't avoid giving some comments on today's header:

The image shows a P-47N-20-RE of the 332nd FG, USAF, S/N 44-89140, marking FE-140.

The most interesting thing about that image is that it's taken in 1949, the last year of the 332nd FG at all, right before it was deactivated on July 1st 1949.
The 332nd Fighter Group was also known as being a sizable component of the famed Tuskegee Airmen.

Please see three other images of the same aircraft below (click for full resolution image):

Best regards - Mike

duffys tavern:
Very nice.

I am also a jug lover!

Thanx for the info Mike! :)


I am also a "Jug addict", but a diferent sort  ::) LOL  ;D
A most excellent photo and great info too.
Thanks mate


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