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Author Topic: Runway Number v1.2 'Static Object' 4.10 Modact  (Read 13875 times)

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Runway Number v1.2 'Static Object' 4.10 Modact
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:58:59 PM »

In this version of the completely new Runway numbers you will get 10 black & white Runway numbers, Along with 3 new addons. The  L, R, C(left, Right, and Center). This mod has been tested with the Sas Modact beta for 4.10.

If you have another copy of this mod please remove it as it isnt needed anymore, And replace the static entry. If you fail to do this it will not load  ???


Please report any bugs If any  8)



Change Log

Corrected static.ini entry :  courtesy of SAS~Epervier

Code: [Select]

Title Runway_Numbers

Title           WhiteZero
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Zero/mono.sim

Title           WhiteOne
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/One/mono.sim

Title           WhiteTwo
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Two/mono.sim

Title           WhiteThree
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Three/mono.sim

Title           WhiteFour
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Four/mono.sim

Title           WhiteFive
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Five/mono.sim

Title           WhiteSix
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Six/mono.sim

Title           WhiteSeven
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Seven/mono.sim

Title           WhiteEight
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Eight/mono.sim

Title           WhiteNine
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/Nine/mono.sim

Title           WhiteC
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/C/mono.sim

Title           WhiteL
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/L/mono.sim

Title           WhiteR
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/White/R/mono.sim


Title           BlackZero
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Zero/mono.sim

Title           BlackOne
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/One/mono.sim

Title           BlackTwo
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Two/mono.sim

Title           BlackThree
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Three/mono.sim

Title           BlackFour
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Four/mono.sim

Title           BlackFive
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Five/mono.sim

Title           BlackSix
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Six/mono.sim

Title           BlackSeven
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Seven/mono.sim

Title           BlackEight
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Eight/mono.sim

Title           BlackNine
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/Nine/mono.sim

Title           BlackC
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/C/mono.sim

Title           BlackL
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/L/mono.sim

Title           BlackR
Mesh            3do/Buildings/numbers/Black/R/mono.sim


Credits :
Jones -  Msh + new B&W texture

Other thanks :
AIRdomination - Number reference
Malone - idea to add the white numbers

for information when setting up your airfields.....

Runways are named by a number between 01 and 36, which is generally the magnetic azimuth of the runway's heading in decadegrees. This heading differs from true north by the local magnetic declination. A runway numbered 09 points east (90°), runway 18 is south (180°), runway 27 points west (270°) and runway 36 points to the north (360° rather than 0°).[1] When taking off from or landing on runway 09, a plane would be heading 90° (east).

A runway can normally be used in both directions, and is named for each direction separately: e.g., "runway 33" in one direction is "runway 15" when used in the other. The two numbers usually differ by 18 (= 180°).

If there is more than one runway pointing in the same direction (parallel runways), each runway is identified by appending Left (L), Center (C) and Right (R) to the number to identify its position (when facing its direction) — for example, Runways One Five Left (15L), One Five Center (15C), and One Five Right (15R). Runway Zero Three Left (03L) becomes Runway Two One Right (21R) when used in the opposite direction (derived from adding 18 to the original number for the 180 degrees when approaching from the opposite direction). In some countries, if parallel runways are too close to each other, regulations mandate that only one runway may be used at a time under certain conditions (usually adverse weather).


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Re: Runway Number v1.2 'Static Object' 4.10 Modact
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