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Posting guidelines for the Requests forum...PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!!(Updated 2016-02-22)


Okay folks, this is our all-new requests forum, where requests can be made for anything pertaining to improving the sim.
this includes gameplay improvements, aircraft, ship, and vehicle requests.
Please note: requests MUST contain as much information as possible pertinent to the request.
the modders are not expected to go and do research about what has been requested, it is up to the poster to provide the necessary information.
this means you should provide pictures, in particular blueprints/plans, technical specifications and any other relevant info. it is not sufficient to simply provide links to the info.
if at all possible, we would like to see any such info directly in the post, without needing to go and look at other sites first.
you must motivate your request, ie: why you think it should be in the game.
NB! -this is not a place to to ask questions which start with 'how do i, where, why, etc - in other words, this is not a section for asking general questions. You may ask such questions in the Lounge.

This is not the place to 'request' that any existing mod be made compatible with some or other specific game version.
such requests should be done in the relevant threads of said mod/s.

I repeat: This section is ONLY for requests for new mods pertaining to the sim.

This rule will be strictly enforced, and any posts asking such questions, will simply be deleted.
Don't say you weren't warned.
Not having read this sticky does not constitute an excuse.
although the modders will look at any requests here, it does not mean that requests will be followed up on.
this is entirely up to the modders what they decide to make, and requests are merely here for them to get an idea of what people are looking for in the sim.
the modders are not obliged to do what is requested - it is exactly that, a request, so you cannot make demands of any of the modders, just because it has been requested.
'Bumping' of requests will also not be tolerated, and may result in your request being locked.
members found ignoring these posting rules will find their threads removed, without notice..

A good request layout would look something like the following:

Subject:  This is where you put the name of you request

Insert Image (Located just above the first Smiley face)  This is what you use to make your picture appear on the request When you click on it, you will see img in brackets and /img in brackets right next to it. When you click on a picture from the internet, it will open just the picture and that is all that you should see on your screen. When you do, copy the entire web address and paste it img]HERE[/img. Your picture will now be visible to all to see. Just make sure that your picture size isnt a very small one or a huge one. If it's so small that you can barely see it or so big that it take about an hour just to see the picture, then please find another picture to use for your request.

Insert Code (Located above and to the right of the crying face)  This is where you put the information about your request
By pressing this button, you will see code in brackets and /code in brackets right after it. by copying the information from the website, you can keep the length of your request down to a reasonable size that modder(s) don't have to scroll a half a mile to find the information that they are looking for. Using many of these as sections for certain specs can also be used to separate the information you are giving in your request.

Example from:

--- Code: ---A Whitley prototype.Following the two prototypes (K4586 and K4587), at the outbreak of the war the RAF had 207
Whitleys in service ranging from Mk I to Mk IV types, with improved versions following:

Mk I
Powered by 795 hp (593 kW) Armstrong Siddeley Tiger IX air-cooled radial engines: 34 built
Powered by 920 hp (690 kW) two-stage supercharged Tiger VIII engines: 46 built
Powered by Tiger VIII engines, retractable "dustbin" ventral turret fitted aft of the wing root armed with two .303 in
(7.7 mm) machine guns, hydraulically operated bomb bay doors and ability to carry larger bombs: 80 built
Powered by 1,030 hp (770 kW) Rolls-Royce Merlin IV inline liquid-cooled engines, increased fuel capacity, extended
bomb-aimer's transparency, produced from 1938: 33 built

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---Crew: 5
Length: 70 ft 6 in (21.49 m)
Wingspan: 84 ft (25.60 m)
Height: 15 ft (4.57 m)
Wing area: 1,137 ft² (106 m²)
Empty weight: 19,300 lb (8,768 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 33,500 lb (15,196 kg)
Powerplant: 2× Rolls-Royce Merlin X liquid-cooled V12 engine, 1,145 hp (855 kW) each

--- End code ---

Preview  Clicking here, you can preview what your request will look like on the forum. I personally would recommend that you use this if you are not familiar with these features here. this will show you if you have done everything correctly before you post.

Keep in mind that you are making a request for a modder or a group of modders to take your request and bring it to life in the game. So making things easier to see and find will help them out greatly.

If your request has not been taken up, please do not keep posting about it. Your request will be handled when/if someone has free time on their plate, and the motivation to do it. Another thing too to mention is that fulfilling a request will take time.

Use the search function to look for any WIPs before posting.

Any repeated requests or requests that are already in the WIPs or finished will be deleted.

okay, that's the rules, now enjoy the new requests section, folks!  :D
the SAS Team

In the light of recent events I feel the need to


up these rules in the hope that people eventually take the time to read and follow them.
If you're missing your post in this section, it's most likely because you didn't follow these rules.

Best regards - Mike

and another little bump, to note that the rules have been updated, the addition being a rule that specifies no requesting of existing mods being made compatible for different game versions.


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