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  18. 4.2 VULCAN ISSUE [no bug]
  19. BAT compatibility with VP modpack.
  20. Any Mods for BAT to fix high altitude contrails?
  21. Sounds
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  23. BAT ZRCV-1 USS Long Island, 1938
  24. Birdman's list of BAT 4.2 bugs, fixes and wishes
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  26. Found a bug - FM-2Z Wing structure situation [fix available]
  27. Strange texture glitch at a distance in concentric circles [solved]
  28. And now for the interesting question...
  29. Random CTDs
  30. JSGME
  31. error runing the installer
  32. Need one more thing for BAT Community missions
  33. Error During Extraction of
  34. Can't find Blue Edge content
  35. BAT appears to cause insane side to side recoil for the P-47D-27 and P-47D
  36. Random CDT during missions
  37. Help with Reshade
  38. Vulcan targeting
  39. Moving BAT
  40. Bat Skins help??
  41. Jeep with the 50 cal. using AI. dogfight map.
  42. Il2fb disappearing on Windows 10
  43. Runway
  44. Problem With 00_PAL-LimittedOrdinance-v4121
  45. How to shut off command promt in game?
  46. Problems in B.A.T. v4.1.3 RED CORE
  47. Breeding difficulties and freezes
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  49. Trying to add some of VP's retextured maps to B.A.T
  50. Wing guns not firing in Finnish Curtiss Hawk.