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  1. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Elevator trim question
  2. IL-2 CLoD and Tobruk on sale currently
  3. Share a screen Cliffs over Dover
  4. Desert Wings-Tobruk
  5. No Mixture Control In CoDBlitz
  6. Clod now using TrueSKY software to render their clouds and weather in CloD
  7. CoDBlitz POV Problem Half Solved
  8. POV In CoDBlitz
  9. Can CoDBlitz Be Modded?
  10. Free Flight Problems in CoD Blitz
  11. Joystick Not Working in CoD
  12. Video of WiP on the new Tobruk/North Africa map by Team Fusion Simulations
  13. Il-2 Clod Blitz vs Il-2 BOX
  14. Cliffs of Dover BUG after Nvdia driver update
  15. Just in case someone facing error message on startup when trying to play clod blitz on win7 64b
  16. Off course, low on fuel, fogged in no idea where I am...HELP!
  17. Skin Downloads: Cliffs of Dover
  18. Single player or not ?
  19. Barely very nearly... framerates...again!
  20. Patch released for Steering wheel crashes and net lag issues
  21. IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz is now public and available on Steam :)
  22. Cliffs of Dover Key Command Kit v1.0
  23. Live Stream of v4.5 RC this weekend 2nd/3rd December
  24. Had a chance to take a 109 up over v4.5 WiP French Landscape. Images :)
  25. IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Blitz Edition relaunch video
  26. Me-110 C6 Attack footage on various aircraft - Beta testing v4.49
  27. Two new videos from Beta testing v4.49 - lighting and particle effects shown
  28. Beta footage v4.49 by JG4_hanseat showing the 110-C6 in action
  29. Beaufighter Raid on Airfield by ATAG_Snapper - v4.49 Beta footage of Cliffs of Dover
  30. Video showing Original Landscape - v4.312 and then v4.49 Beta
  31. A selection of images by Larry69 from beta testing v4.49
  32. Beaufighter IF Test by ATAG_Lewis - Beta 4.49
  33. Team Fusion Simulations are now testing the release candidate for v4.5 :)
  34. Just a heads up on the push to release v4.5 :)
  35. mods of COD
  36. Hopeful for the future
  37. can i run it ?
  38. The Source Code has arrived - Now the fun begins :)
  39. A few screenshots from CLoD
  40. Team Fusion + 1C Agreement = Mysticpuma leaving
  41. Team Fusion Simulations patch v4.312 available via Steam
  42. Help with CLOD graphic tweaks and some of the screen text please
  43. Happy Easter Aeronautica Macchi pilots from Team Fusion Simulations :)
  44. Full Mission Builder and Script users, what new game ON-events would you like to see?
  45. TFS Update 06/04/2017 Channel Map Work in Progress
  46. Team Fusion Simulations Update - In-game footage of the Gladiator MK.II
  47. TFS - Yes, now it is official - We have signed the agreement with 1C - Link here :)
  48. P-40E external model. Basic paintscheme, no details
  49. TFS Update - 21-02-2017 - Link to a small update showing some new WiP
  50. TFS update Jan 29th 2017 - Regarding the "Deal in Principle" between TFS and 1C