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  1. Medal awarding
  2. Has anyone tried to get my Effects Mod working with vpmodpack?
  3. Hookers and fat cigars
  4. Birthday greetings
  5. My first campaign
  6. I've decided to make GunCam tracers the default in my Effects Mod pack
  7. MOVED: VP Mod install questions
  8. I think I've succeeded to get carb smoke, full throttle smoke and full throttle flame all working in BAT 4.0
  9. Skins missing?
  10. Quest: Guess what is depicted here
  11. Something in the future for the Brits.
  12. Tempest cockpit glass bullet holes
  13. For James Jap Hurries Pictures
  14. Advisory: New BigShipGeneric classfiles for my Effects v1.2 for BAT mod
  15. Advisory: New BigShipGeneric classfiles for my Effects v1.2 for 4.12 mod
  16. Dieselpunk era vehicles
  17. Atompunk era + post Atompunk Vehicles
  18. Steampunk era + Petrolpunk era vehicles
  19. Note: Increased head panning range mod for NG-CAM is now available
  20. The latest work on my Effects pack
  21. A Slight Trip of Fantasy
  22. Heads up -- starting work on the Ki-61 cockpit
  23. TrackIR settings and hints
  24. Nieuport engine
  25. I have the Full Throttle Mod working in BAT
  26. Maybe Something for the Swiss
  27. The ART of Flight
  28. IL-2 BAT running great, best visual mods ?
  29. Heads up - A couple of Ki-43 cockpits having collimating sights coming soon
  30. 1910
  31. The Floats
  32. Wouldn't This be Awesome ?
  33. Info on RAF standard Blind Flying Panel and pilot anthropometry
  34. Airships standalone within Il2 versions ?
  35. Questions for modders who create 3D models
  36. And now for a little humor.
  37. Missing objects in 3do folders
  38. About the Hs-123
  39. Heads up; another quick cockpit fix coming - Ki-44 II Hei
  40. Retired (Finally!) and ready to sim again
  41. A rather long duration for an effect!
  42. Looking for Correct ID Codes
  43. Show us your Face, your Cockpit & your Ride!
  44. Anybody there who has a good working 1946 BAT / VorpX / Rift-S configuration?
  45. Why suffer the overhead of destructible bric a brac?
  46. Changing tree textures?
  47. Plans later in my life
  48. Opinions on a more detailed texture for the biggest ship smokes?
  49. Animated IJN Ensign ?
  50. A Little Project