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 on: Today at 02:05:02 AM 
Started by markino - Last post by SAS~Storebror
Actually it does not crash due to 6Dof/TIR Enabled.
That crash is just the final result of something that went wrong before.

As for the cause of this, initially you've mentioned that you got a new PC.
I take it that the same BAT installation went well on the old one, so for the time being, the new PC is suspicious.
Even more so since you said that sometimes the game works well and sometimes it doesn't. That's unusual for IL-2, usually it either works or it doesn't, but not both randomly.

You could try and see whether Stock IL-2 works for you.
You could as well try and see whether causing stress to your PC's hardware raises issues.
For CPU stress test you can use Prime95 (https://www.mersenne.org/download/). It needs no installation. Leave everything at defaults and let Prime95 run for a couple of hours and check back whether it reports any error.
For the GPU, use FurMark: https://geeks3d.com/furmark/
Let it run in full screen at your monitor's native resolution for half an hour at least and see whether your PC survives that stunt.


 on: Today at 02:04:03 AM 
Started by Ranwers - Last post by dsawan
Any skin pack for this bird? Also is there a way to get all 4 field versions as a separate standalone? the air.ini is the same for all.

 on: Today at 01:56:47 AM 
Started by markino - Last post by markino
I am sorry for this https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61776.0.html, Mike!

In this post I haven't recognize why the game crashes.

I think my BAT install crashes due to "6Dof/TIR Enabled" troubles.

There is a way to solve this trouble?

Thanks! Ciao!


 on: Today at 01:43:57 AM 
Started by Lagarto - Last post by greybeard
Since I did not change anything on my system to cause this I'm pretty sure that this is Microsoft pushing ppl towards Win10.

I locked Win Update from the times M$ pushed damn toward Win 10 (more than three years now, I think) and live quiet with Win 7. As far as I can see, the update cures stuff like Outlook (never used by me) and Win antivirus (again, never used by me). I can't avoid just some automatic update of Windows Media Center that evidently bypasses the lock, but seemingly this doesn't cause harm.

P.S.: to lock Win Update (going on memory), open "services" and be sure also to deactivate its own automatic reactivation, since it is made to self-reactivate after a while from your manual deactivation.

 on: Today at 01:40:05 AM 
Started by markino - Last post by SAS~Storebror
Why two threads for the same issue?


 on: Today at 01:18:45 AM 
Started by Zflyer48 - Last post by SAS~vampire_pilot
on a second note, I have been test driving this Queen in BAT and found it to be attacking perfectly well.
my own plane on autopilot, and the wingman alike, they both attack on their own.  But I am surprised at how little damage those cannons do.

So maybe it's something in your modpack setup... no idea.

Given that it seems to be working in BAT I would take it on in the next pack :)

 on: Today at 12:45:42 AM 
Started by markino - Last post by markino
Hi guys, as reported in my another topic (https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61698.0.html), I think my BAT install crash due 6Dof/TIR Enabled....etc

How can I solve, please?

Thanks for your help! Ciao!


 on: Today at 12:44:34 AM 
Started by SAS~Storebror - Last post by LameHawk
Absolutely correct.
Your turn again, Graeme

 on: Today at 12:43:49 AM 
Started by 101tfs - Last post by RealDarko
What a beauty, will be very useful for Kanto map anti B-29 campaign!!

 on: Today at 12:03:32 AM 
Started by SAS~Storebror - Last post by Graeme


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