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Title: Bodenplatte - Great Battles Rheinmap editing impossible
Post by: JollyJack on January 03, 2021, 02:39:11 AM
Map editing in Great Battles Rheinland (Bodenplatte) map is still not possible with game version 4.505c ....

I tried correcting some IMO important and omitted map errors, but the bad news is that NO WAY you can save ME (Mission Editor) made height and map corrections.
That because the 1C-777 disabled the save options for the Height and Map functions present s in the current ME.

Examples: the dunes all along the Dutch coastline are not there to begin with. All the the permanently wrongly placed and fixed forest areas, missing canals and harbors, especially those trees solidly in place. There for you cannot enter any essential town or other map item that's missing.
All over Germany and especially the Ruhr Gebiet industrial area and rail;ways are missing. Belgium too BTW.

This was for me at least one BIG disappointment with the Rheinland map, and it doesn't seem to get fixed at the current Bodenplatte sales dump price, compared to at least what i paid for it.

The French and British areas along the Atlantic and North Sea coast in Cliffs are not done that well too ... If Battle of Normandy is done in the same way of the very mediocre state of the current Rheinland map, i won't be really interested, only for the planes and other gaming assets.