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Title: UberQuick Mission Manager (UQMM): The definitive tutorial, and a whole new way to enjoy BAT! (Updated 14 Nov 2020)
Post by: UberDemon on October 23, 2020, 01:33:50 PM
UberQuick Mission Manager (UQMM):  The definitive tutorial, and a whole new way to enjoy BAT!

Greetings mates!

Now that I released Update 002 (https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65131.0.html) for the UQMG for BAT, I can say that UberQuick Mission Manager (UQMM) fully supports BAT WAW.  Please see below and read along.

(Note that some minor changes in the Interface are not updated as far as the screenshots because they do not affect the content of this post.)



For our discussion:
* SP = single player mission
* DF = multiplayer dogfight arena mission
* Coop = cooperative multiplayer mission

There are some exciting news, especially dealing with Dogfight Arenas.  Just read on...

What is the UberQuick Mission Manager, or UQMM for short?

I wanted to have a separate discussion about DF arenas.  What I found out today blew my mind, and it may not be news to you, but it completely changes the way you play DF arenas… even if you generate them for OFFLINE play.

Here is what UQMM does when it generates a DF Arena:


Here is the game changer for OFFLINE PLAY and DF arenas:  The original aircraft in the mission will be present in the DF arena.  They will spawn as AI planes in their designated times (beginning of mission or later).

This means that you can play as an addition to the mission that is ongoing in “online” DF fashion.  Pick your spawn and go.  If you get shot down, pick another (new) plane… even switch teams if you want.  Bailed out?  Want a change?  Out of ammo/fuel? Just press “Esc” and select Refly, as the mission will keep on going in real time.

This means you can affect the mission in surprising ways.  And basically play forever until you are tired.  Of course this is also fun online as you are able to do the same with your buddies.  Pick a mission, set the server based on an SP, or Campaign, or Coop mission and make a DF arena out of it  and have the mission going while you and your friends and enemies come in as you desire.

Now I did not know that was possible (having AI planes in DF), so forgive me if this is old news, but at the very least, UQMM makes this so EASY to do!

Messing with UQMM updates was not anywhere in my focus when I updated UQMG.  I guess it has been so long I forgot that it takes the same files from UQMG to identify countries/regiments and aircraft.  So when I found out today that I could use that feature, I started messing with it and had a pleasant surprise.  (So yes, it uses all BAT WAW planes, all BAT WAW countries, and all BAT WAW regiments/units).  Shall we look at an example?




OK, let’s continue.  Below you will see the following sequence of pictures:






Just to go through the motions, before discussing DF mode, I will show a few pictures of going through the SP mission, showing the mission and that objectives are now from the enemy perspective (the other team, even though the briefing is the original one), and a couple of pictures in the mission.  Then we will see the Coop version, up to the plane selection screen.









So now to the Dogfight (DF) version.  UQMM does not operate like UQMG in this fashion.  It simply adds the DF spawn bases to the original mission based on takeoff/landing points.  Depending on team, the aircraft available in the mission are the ones available in the mission.  It does not alter any other content.

The interesting thing here is that somehow, unbeknownst to me, between 4.12, and all the Mods, the ability to keep all dynamic ground and aircraft (AI) objects was added within BAT.  This makes for DF arenas that have objectives and functionality similar to SPs and Coop missions… but you (and your best friends and worst enemies) can spawn in and out at will.

This adds a whole dimension to game play, because you can do that not only with other players, but by yourself.  You can generate an arena in which things are happening and you introduce yourself at will to shape the world around you… kinda like some of the arena games you have around.

The fact you can do that with IL-2 BAT is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

The sample below is a simple mission with only 3 types of planes, but look at the potential for developing very complex scenarios, from scratch, or using one of the existing THOUSANDS of missions in your BAT installation (considering the content from SAS 1946).

It boggles the mind.  Take a look at the same mission.  I start flying for the Blue team.  I catch up and help.  Then I bail out when things are done (so I can Refly), then I pick an enemy plane, then I come back to strafe the Blue team, but get killed by Flak.  I could have continued to fly but there was no other planes left, but this is a simple mission.

Try a complex mission and see the results.  As you saw in a different post, I created a long lasting arena with continuous waves of spawning AI bots (https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65160.0.html).  But doing that requires a few more steps because of how UQMG is built.  Let’s talk about that later.  Take a look at the mission I described above:






















To give you additional options, I highly recommend:

* Whistler’s BAT Single Mission Community Packs

* SAS~Poltava’s WAW Campaigns

* SAS~Monty27’s Campaigns

Amongst other missions...
Title: Re: UberQuick Mission Manager (UQMM): The definitive tutorial, and a whole new way to enjoy BAT!
Post by: UberDemon on October 23, 2020, 10:46:10 PM
Related to this post, to learn how to make the functionality described above in combination with UQMG missions, read this:  https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65160.0.html

The idea there is to create long lasting missions with re-generating content so you can play as you see fit, and re-spawning both off-line and on-line.