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Title: I messed up my monitor?
Post by: BeliVolk on March 28, 2020, 08:37:22 AM

I hope this is correct category for this  :)

I'm using a big (and old)Gorenje TV/LCD monitor. I wanted a change to something smaller and I got an old LG Flatron w2242T 19'' monitor. When I connected to PC monitor went straight to power saving mode. (Used DVI and VGA cables). I checked the monitor on other computer and it works well, so LG monitor is fine. Then I thought the old resolution is too big for the monitor and switched back to Gorenje TV/LCD and changed the resolution, still all fine and then I did something that looks now very, very stupid. My TV/LCD works with 60Hz refresh rate and when I picked smaller resolution I could change the refresh rate and set it to 75Hz, then the screen went blue. So I cannot use the only working screen anymore. I tried 3 different monitors but all monitors go to sleep so this seems like a graphic card problem? Could there be any solution for this, maybe iit's obvious but with all the frustration I just can't see it.

Any help appreciated.
Title: Re: I messed up my monitor?
Post by: vpmedia on March 28, 2020, 11:36:12 AM
You should use every monitor in its native resolution, but switching refresh rates and resolution will not damage your hardware.
I'd try to get the old monitor working with onboard graphics/connecting to motherboards output with a preferably new cable.