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Title: CoDBlitz POV Problem Half Solved
Post by: NavyAce on November 07, 2019, 03:13:25 PM
Hi All,

       I just wanted to let everyone know that after much experimentation I have my POV slow scan problem in CoDBlitz somewhat resolved. After much searching I finally found a pdf file of the game instructions (not easy to locate) and learned through reading it carefully that it is in fact possible to do a slow scan in both external and internal views. Go to Options/Controls and select Camera from the drop down list. Once the4 screen loads look for Toggle Independent Mode. Independent Mode lets you use the in game camera independently from the default preset key selections. Use the f10 key to turn this feature on and off. When you press the key the first time you should have control of the camera, although you may have to hold it down a bit first. The game manual says that you have to hold the key down while you move the mouse around but I found that I didn't have to do that. You can then also zoom the camera in and out by holding down the right mouse click and slide the camera up and down and side to side by holding down the left mouse click. I have found that you need to do this each time you play as the game evidently does not remember your last selection. Unfortunately I still have not found a way to assign this function to the HAT button on my joystick. I hope this information is of help to those playing CoDBlitz,