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Title: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.24 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13] [update-03-5-2020]
Post by: FL2070 on May 03, 2019, 07:52:42 PM
~ UJS ~

The UJS (ultimate jet sounds) mod is a mod which undertakes the task of completely revamping the sounds of every stock and modded jet in the gamewhile being simultaneously compatible with every conceivable modpack or custom mod installation all the way from 4.09 modact installs to UltraPack to BAT, and it sounds the same no matter what mod environment you install it on. UJS v1.24 comes with every bell and whistle: the whistle of engine turbines sound different up close than they do far way, the sound of the afterburner is different from far away... the list goes on.

As of UJS v1.24, there are two "editions": UJS SE and UJS BE. SE stands for standard edition, and BE for B.A.T. Edition—it's fairly self explanatory. There are more detailed notes on what's changed in the readme.

Get UJS here:

DOWNLOAD UJS v1.24 SE (https://www.mediafire.com/file/f5mrr6ju8mtly3q/UJS_v1.25_SE.rar/file) (RAR format, 157MB)
DOWNLOAD UJS v1.24 BE (https://www.mediafire.com/file/q2wyidus3283ua6/UJS_v1.24_BE.rar/file/file) (RAR format, 204MB)

README UJS v1.24.txt
Code: [Select]

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  - Turn word wrap OFF.

UJS (Ultimate Jet Sounds) v1.24 by FL2070/dirtbloxxMC of SAS1946.

All IL-2 Sturmovik modifications made by FL2070/dirtbloxxMC
are made under the DWTFYWWI lisence. They may be, and are
encouraged to be edited, redistributed, used for other
games or purposes, and improved.

If you make an edit of this modification, and you think it's
worth sharing, don't hesitate.

UJS v1.24 is a modification for IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 which
modifies the sounds of the jets in-game. Sounds for modern jets
from the SAS modern jets pack (F-18, Harrier) have been included
since version 1.22.

 - 14 different jet soundsets for all jets in the game, all using
   high quality audio files sampled in 44.1 khz.
 - One rocket soundset for use with aircraft such as the Me-163.
 - Sounds which vary by distance: zoom out to hear the blast
   of the engine from far away, zoom in to hear the turbine.
 - Additional "cockpit fan" sound effect for all jets.
 - AOA warning sounds that have been fixed so you don't hear
   them outside of the cockpit.
 - This README, which contains usage information, installation
   instructions, compatibility information, troubleshooting,
   filesizes, the changelog, and a matrix of sounds and which
   presets and folders and planes they use. The README is also
   identical to the main post on the sas1946 forum.

  Move the folder named "! UJS v1.24", contained in the "UJS Modded"
  folder,  to your active MODS folder(s), which will be named something
  like #SAS, #UP#, #WAW etc. UJS is now activated and will be heard
  the next time you start IL-2.

TO INSTALL in STOCK GAME (4.12 and later)
  Move the contents of the presets and samples folders,
  contained in the UJS Modded folder, to the my_presets and
  my_samples folders in the game's root folder, making sure you
  keep the correct folder structure. Presets should be located in
  my_presets/sounds, NOT just my_presets/.

  UJS v1.24 is compatible with all modded versions of IL-2 and all
  common buttons, from 4.09 to 4.14, and also UV3 buttons. UJS v1.24
  is also compatible with the stock game, provided that you are using
  version 4.12m or later.

                       UJS TROUBLESHOOTING
PROBLEM: I do not hear any new jet sounds/I only hear some sounds.
 - Check the folder structure. You should be able to find idle.wav
   in the directory IL-2/MODS*/! UJS v1.24/samples/AI25/idle.wav.
   If there are extra erroneous folders, delete UJS and reinstall
   it, making sure to check the correct directories.
 If that doesn't work, and you are on version 4.12m or later:
 - Check the my_presets folder in the base game, because presets in
   that folder override presets in MODS folders. If there are presets
   in there, go to MODS/UJS/presets/sounds and copy the presets and
   paste them to IL-2/my_presets/sounds.

PROBLEM: I hear hum sound on Ta183/He162C/D, or buzz sound on MiG21.
   Buzzing/humming engines are HeS-11 and Tumanski/R-11. If you
   don't want this sound for your engines, add minus characters
   to the front of the following files:
    - UJS/samples/HeS11/hum/wav
    - UJS/samples/R-11/buzz.wav
   That way, if you decide later otherwise, you can remove the
   minuses from the filenames to get the sound back.

PROBLEM: I don't hear afterburner sounds.
   Afterburner sounds not being heard are not a UJS problem, but
   a problem with the system of mods you have installed. Certain
   older versions of western's engine mod broke afterburner sounds,
   but if you update to the latest version, that should fix it.

PROBLEM: I hear afterburner sounds even when my engine is off.
   Afterburners being heard when the engine is not running can
   be solved by installing the latest version of SAS Engine Mod,
   or by adding minus signs to the beginning of the following two
    - UJS/samples/UJS_Common/afterburn.wav
    - UJS/samples/UJS_Common/x_afterburn.wav
   The second solution, though, disables afterburner sounds

PROBLEM: Certain planes sound "broken", "incomplete", or
   This is most likely a programming error in UJS. Report the
   problem to me on the SAS1946 forums so I can fix it in the
   next update of UJS.

PROBLEM: The Jumo 004 is so high pitched, it hurts my ears.
   Jumo 004 had a very high pitched turbine sound in real life, so
   I modelled it that way. To decrease this effect, go in to the
   following two presets and make these edits:
    - motor.Jumo004.prs
- motor.Jumo004A.prs
   Find the "minlo" and "maxhi" values in the section called
   [sample.Jumo004/turbine.wav.rpm] and decrease the "maxhi" value
   to 3000.

* "MODS" being whatever your active mods folder is called.

                    UJS FILESIZES and OPTIONS
  Total Compressed Filesize:     149MB
  Total Uncompressed Filesize:   205MB

All compression is done in maximum compression RAR4 format.

 Flap/gear sounds are included by default. If you wish to remove
 them, go into the samples folder and add minus characters to
 the front of the following files:
  - e_dev_05_2.wav
  - e_dev_05_21.wav
  - p_dev_00.wav
  - p_dev_02.wav

 A different lock sound for the AIM9 is included by default. If you
 wish to remove this sound, go into the samples folder and add minus
 characters to the front of the following files:
  - AIM9_lock.wav
  - AIM9_no_lock.wav

UJS can be used with unmodded installations of IL-2 by way of the
my_presets and my_samples folders as long as you have version 4.12m
or later. If you want to use the my_presets and my_samples format
instead of installing UJS as a mod, then you have simply to copy the
contents of "presets" to "my_presets", and the contents of "samples"
to "my_samples", making sure you keep the correct folder structure.

                                      UJS SOUNDSET LIST (alphabetical order)
FOLDER NAME      PRESET(s)                PLANES*                   SOUNDS LIKE       COCKPIT FAN SOUND
AI25             RRViper                  L39 L159 MB339 Su25       AI-25              4
Dervent          Dervent                  Meteor                    FICTIONAL SOUND    1
GE40             GE40 RD-10 I-40          Yak15 YP80 I250           FICTIONAL SOUND    1 (GE40/I-40)
                                                                                       2 (RD-10)
HeS11            HeS-11                   He162C/D Ta183            FICTIONAL SOUND    3
J42              J-42 J42 Avon            CACSabre F83 F9F F80      GE F110            1
J47              J-47 J47 J-47afterburner F86 F4 F100 etc           GE J47             1 (J-47s)
                 J-57 J-79                                                             4 (J-57, J-79)
Jumo004          Jumo004 Jumo004A         Me262 He162A Ar234 Go229  Jumo 004A          3
R11              Tumanski                 MiG21 MiG23               NK-8               2
RD1              RD-1                     LaGG-3RD                  FICTIONAL SOUND    2
Rocket           ME_163 D-1-A-1100 BI_1   Me163 BI1/6 MXY7 Yak3R    Rocket Engine      none
TRD              TRD RD-20                MiG9                      D-30KU             2
UJS_Common       All                      All                       N/A                N/A
VK1              Klimov_VK1 Klimov_VK1F   Mig15 Mig17 Mig19         Klimov VK-1        2
GE403            GE-403                   F18 Yak36 F16 F14         GE GE403           4
RR402            RR-402                   AV8B                      FICTIONAL SOUND    4

* Due to the sheer amount of mods, some planes which are
  affected by this mod may not be listed.

                            UJS v1.24
   "The Silent Update"
 - New sounds based on speed: jets now sound more bassy as they
   get faster. Find the new samples in the UJS_Common folder as
   x_speed1.wav and x_speed2.wav.
 - Reidel starter sound effect for Jumo 004.
 - Starter switch sound that plays in the cockpit when you start
   your engines.
 - Completely new soundset for rockets.
 - New distant afterburner sound courtesy of victor639514.
 - Decreased volume of angle-based flyby enhancing sounds.
 - Now 4 different cockpit fans/electronics sound effects depending
   on which plane you use. As a general rule, Russian aircraft use
   #2, German aircraft use #3, modern aircraft use #4, and everything
   else uses #1.
 - Slight modifications to the timbre of common jet blast samples.
 - Changed some wordings in the readme file.
 - Fixed some sound samples not having "UJS v1.(etc)" as their
   album title, or having incorrent version number in their album
 - Replaced one of the turbine sounds for HeS-11.
 - Decreased the volume of the high-throttle "buzzing" for the
 - Changed the timbre of AI-25/RR Viper at idle and low throttle
 - Modifications to the pitch-matching in RD-1 samples.
 - Decreased all spl values.
 - Removed custom plane system (flap, gear, clock) sounds.
 - Removed wind sounds.
 - Applied artifical quality enhancements to GE40 idle samples.

                             UJS v1.23
    "The Flyby Update"
 - New enhanced flyby sounds with angle parameters. (see x_side1.wav
   and x_side2.wav in UJS_Common folder)
 - New start sounds for RD-1 and RD-20.
 - New layer of cockpit ambience using the standard air_clock_00.wav.
 - Examples of new flyby effect provided in download.
 - Slight edits to AOA warning sounds:
  * Smoother transitions.
  * Only one beep per file, as that's all that is needed.
 - Smoothing of thrust.wav common to all jets.
 - Decrease cockpit fans and inside afterburner volume.
 - Increased the generic "idle noise" volume.
 - Folder "R-11" renamed to "R11" to be in keeping with the other
   hyphenless folder names.
 - Fixed UJS v1.21 changelog being called UJS v1.22 changelog in
   the readme.
 - All updates, in addition to being numbered, are now named.
 - Changes to RD-1 tone at higher throttle settings.
 - Changed the timbre of the far-away idle sound.
 - Many other bug fixes and tweaks which are not listed.

                             UJS v1.22
  "The Modern Jets Update"
 - Added sounds and presets for RR-402 and GE-403, which were
   previously not included.
 - Added new AIM-9 lock sounds.
 - Added fixed versions of AOA warning. You will no longer hear AOA
   warnings outside of the cockpit.

 - Edited wind sounds:
  * Different sounds have different speed onsets.
  * Now using 3 samples instead of 2.
 - New external idle sound for VK-1.
 - New inside/cockpit afterburner sound.
 - Improvement of abrasive flyby on J47 and VK1.
 - Decrease of outside turbine "whine" volume on J47 and VK1.
 - Changes to readme:
  * Changelog moved to the bottom.
  * Typos and some incorrect information fixed.
  * Changelog entries end with periods.
  * Added GE403 and RR402 engines to the soundset list above.
  * Added Yak3R and La7R planes to the soundset list above.
  * Changelog entries now separated into additions and changes.
  * Filesizes and options have been merged.
 - Fix erroneous afterburner code in some presets which did not.
   include the "pmax" setting as they should.
 - Misc sounds (flaps, gear) are now included by default.
 - UJS must now be manually applied to stock installations. No
   my_presets and my_samples folders are included in the download
   anymore. This decreases the filesize by a considerable amount.
 - Fixed J47 using J42 start sounds.
 - Many other bug fixes and tweaks which are not listed.

                             UJS v1.21
  "The Wind/Bugfix Update"
 - Added wind sounds.
 - Significantly decreased rocket engine volume.
 - Significantly decreased  VK-1 afterburner volume.
 - Fixed motor.GE40.prs calling on AI25 sounds.
 - Fixed RR Viper lack of engine-specific blast sounds.
 - Fixed UJS for Stock IL-2 not having UJS_Common folder.
 - Many other bug fixes and tweaks which are not listed.

S~ and enjoy!  :D
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.2 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13]
Post by: SAS~Storebror on May 04, 2019, 12:15:16 AM
Cool! Thanks for sharing, will try them asap!

Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.2 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13]
Post by: azura on May 05, 2019, 10:24:49 PM
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.21
Post by: FL2070 on May 08, 2019, 04:54:40 PM
UJS has been updated to version 1.21 with wind sounds and many, many bug fixes including sounds that were too loud and wrong.
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.21 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13]
Post by: SAS~Storebror on May 08, 2019, 10:34:40 PM
Cool, downloading now, thanks for sharing!

Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.21 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13]
Post by: max_thehitman on May 08, 2019, 11:58:25 PM

THANK YOU!  ]cheers[

Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.21 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13]
Post by: azura on May 10, 2019, 02:42:31 AM
More enjoyable in flying in jets!!!
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.22 (AV8B and F18 added)
Post by: FL2070 on May 22, 2019, 01:11:58 PM
UJS has been updated to version 1.22: now with sounds for modern jets like F18, AV8B, F16, fixed AOA sounds that don't play outside of the cockpit, and more. Read the v1.22 readme for more information. Due to the different way I packed the file this time, it's also a lot smaller. Enjoy!
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.23 (Flyby enhancements)
Post by: FL2070 on June 08, 2019, 07:33:36 PM
UJS has been updated to version 1.23. I tried my best to use the angle parameters to enhance the flyby sounds, and there are also another few small changes - read the readme for more info. S!
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.24
Post by: FL2070 on May 03, 2020, 07:10:25 PM
UJS has been updated to version 1.24! See the readme for details.
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.24 [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12] [4.13] [update-03-5-2020]
Post by: DESPEREAUX on August 08, 2020, 01:10:16 AM
Cool!  Thanks for the work! :)
Title: Re: ~ UJS / Ultimate Jet Sounds ~ v1.24
Post by: urmel on August 08, 2020, 01:12:45 AM
Excellent addition!!!