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Title: Just want to thank you guys!
Post by: BT~wasted on August 08, 2018, 12:32:22 PM
I want to thank the whole B.A.T. team for this huge amount of work and the time and effort spent on this. I remember from my modding times how hard and time consuming can be the modding development for our beloved IL-2.

The words are words, but I also want to contribute something and not just words. I was thinking about what I can offer and I've remembered that I have the almost finished Tu-16 lying around in my DBW installation. Unfortunately I don't have time right now to test it properly in my B.A.T. installation nor have time to finish it as a complete mod.

So if you interested in having this old lady to be your B.A.T. exclusive, just PM me, and I'll send you everything that I have regarding this mod.

Thank you again for this amazing and huge amount of effort that you are putting in this game!  :)

Title: Re: Just want to thank you guys!
Post by: SAS~vampire_pilot on August 08, 2018, 01:48:00 PM
Thank you very much:)

your kind words just come at a time of great workloaqd as we put finishing touches on the upcoming pack. It is not far away. The feature list is closed for this round but there will be a next pack coming for sure so by all means, send me a PM about your material.