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Title: I made a Boo Boo!
Post by: jpten on March 08, 2017, 08:37:43 PM
I really hate this and must apologize to all BAT QMBPro flyers.
  In helping with cleaning up the QMBPro missions I appear to have left two modded QMBPro testing missions in the folder that Monty distributed.

They are in the Channel40 folder and are Channel40RedNone10 and Channel40RedNone20.

They have been modded from my BOB40 Mission Making Template and I was testing them in BAT but unlike normal QMBPro missions they have a lot of objects in them.  A VERY LOT of objects, maybe too many for some systems.

As such, these two missions were not 'Monty Approved for BAT'.  If you have a problem running them, IT IS NOT A BAT PROBLEM. PLEASE do not complain to Monty, it is my fault.
   Please feel free to delete them. They were not part of the original QMBPro set.  I have not seen any post about them yet and thought about just playing 'wait and see' , but I do not want anyone bugging Monty about them if someone stumbles upon them and has a FPS/loading problem.   I am sorry if anyone has tried one of these missions and had problems thinking it was their set up.
Title: Re: I made a Boo Boo!
Post by: SAS~Bombsaway on March 08, 2017, 08:50:21 PM
Ah, so your human like the rest of us. LOL  :D No worries. I'm sure now that you posted they will figure it out. I hope.  o_O  LOL.
Title: Re: I made a Boo Boo!
Post by: whistler on March 10, 2017, 09:59:25 AM
jpten, I checked your readme(s) from EP7 and all I can say is: A MILLION THANKS FOR THE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU PUT INTO THE QUICK MISSIONS! Know that it is truly appreciated.
Title: Re: I made a Boo Boo!
Post by: jpten on March 11, 2017, 09:25:32 AM
A big Thank You to all,
   While quite a bit of work it was also an interesting lesson in how missions function. 
Title: Re: I made a Boo Boo!
Post by: SAS~Monty27 on March 23, 2017, 11:52:52 PM
I second Whistler's MILLION THANKS, which makes it a BILLION, I think...  ;D

You are a great help Jim and bear in mid, while we all help each other at whatever level, we aren't responsible for everything people do and they can usually work out some stuff for themselves!  In any case, my Super-Rig munched those missions "Channel40RedNone10 and Channel40RedNone20" chewed 'em up and spat 'em out running smooth as butter and olive oil, and I loved 'em! 

In our last PM I was about to broach the subject of how exactly to steal all of your beautiful and extensive scenery when you explained that was whole point!  Seriously, mission templates like this are a wonderful resource.  I suggest a thread in the campaign section.

For the un-initiated:  a "template" mission is loaded with scenery, scenes, vignettes and diaromas made for a geographical area.  The Mission builder can load them in FMB and then use COPY/PASTE to take these scenes into his own campaign missions.  Thats one way, there are many approaches, the point is that it helps mission builders.

...and you have nothing to apologise for in my book.  8)