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Title: USB Controller issues
Post by: Ghostrider on November 17, 2015, 08:20:03 PM
Hi everyone, FNG here - was a die hard CFS2 guy until recently - now that I see what has been done with IL-2 - wow. What have I been doing all these years?! 

My question is about my controllers.  I have several controllers that I'd like to use if I can.  If not, I need to figure out what I CAN do.  At this point, my rudder pedals are not recognized, and I gather it is because IL-2 will only recognize 4 controllers, my pedals are too far down the list, and don't show up in-game as a result.  I need to unplug my USB controllers and the powered hubs they plug in to in between flying sessions, so I need to have a way for my controller assignments to persist, or at least a way I can restore them, after an unplug, replug, and restart of my PC.  I use a HOTAS Warthog stick and throttle,  CH Yoke and Pro Pedals, Two CH 6 axis throttle Quadrants, and from Saitek, a 3 axis throttle, two trim wheels, switch panel, radio panel, and autopilot panel.  I also use TrackIR. Mostly I just want to be able to go from stick/rudder, trim and throttle/prop/mix quadrant in single-engine birds, to yoke/rudder, trim, and 6-axis throttle quad(s) for twins and heavies.). I gather that four is the limit. Does TrackIR count as one of the four?  Whichever controllers must be left out of my four, I can do some keyboard emulation with.

Other than that, I have the sim running nicely on a 55" 4K TV.  It is a thing of beauty, but I don't think I've properly tapped into the potential of these "mega-mods", and without my rudder, and persistent controller assignments, it's not flyable.  Reassigning all of my controls is a HUGE process, certainly not one to undertake before each flying session.

I appreciate any ideas and/or advice on how to manage this issue.

Thanks so much,
Title: Re: USB Controller issues
Post by: Ship_Rek on October 09, 2020, 04:16:58 PM
I'm having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?