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Title: My take on MTO skies based on vpmedia's [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12]
Post by: SAS~Tom2 on May 01, 2015, 06:29:10 AM
I recently played a lot with the new sky textures. Not re-inventing the wheel as tbauchot and vpmedia, both brilliantly, lay the foundations here.

What I did not like so much TBH is that a) some skies take the native IL-2 sun lighting at noon and morning a tad away (yes, that thing that blinds you when you look into it)..as this effect is very good for overall lighting.

b) some colours simply where to desaturated for African or tropical maps.

So I made a couple of base versions, from vpmedia's, for MTO. One is in here:
(http://s20.postimg.cc/5efhjqf9p/2015_04_06_at_22_52_36.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/r5y9afl59/2015_04_06_at_23_12_16.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

Later, comparing all the great new ones, I found the overlaying textures, on those versions with colour, often reduce the DX 9 lighting effect IMHO and look more like my good old trusty FreeFalcon 5 skyfixes.

So I googled a bit, still a novice at all things tga related, and added a bit more transparency on the above version, with varying results lol..some quite nice at noon. The sun light effect was what I wanted back and less colour overlay on the upper sky, plus less contrast in colour to the always present native IL-2 horizon.

(http://s20.postimg.cc/qw1b4p03x/01_05_2015_11_52_01.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/cn1ommll9/01_05_2015_12_07_19.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/648u9p9e5/01_05_2015_12_46_54.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/ovarjv3yl/01_05_2015_12_57_12.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/ik5k3g2q5/01_05_2015_12_57_51.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/4g9ov1vil/01_05_2015_12_59_41.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/wixo262ml/01_05_2015_12_59_46.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/m51fmo79p/01_05_2015_13_04_42.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

BTW the last screen is the least counter native IL-2 version and the version I prefer is the one I labelled ..."vp_cloudsSidi +tranparency-tad greener sun" on the folder.

As you can see, the results are mixxed, but I am pleased to have now at least a few versions for MTO and co for which I am pleased with.

Here they are, like I said, credit vpmedia. Tbauchot for the start of these mods.

BTW I have not even remotely used all existing new skies, and vpmedia provides some without colour as well.



Another verison I have is a Clouds256.tga one made "Hawaii" fitting for myself. I can upload that one as well, but found the change to banal to do so and still think this is indeed a fact.

Title: Re: My take on MTO skies based on vpmedia's
Post by: farang65 on May 01, 2015, 06:37:16 AM
Hi Thorst,
Not just MTO skies but they really and truly suit any arid/semi arid environment.
Awesome job for being a tga novice  :D ;)
Definitely will test in a couple of my arid/semi arid projects Western Aus/Kimberly's.  ;D

Title: Re: My take on MTO skies based on vpmedia's
Post by: SAS~Tom2 on May 01, 2015, 10:13:14 AM
Thanks Kirby! It is an attempt, also interisting for other applications, all still new territory to me where gents like vpmedia, real modders with graphical and artistic background, are experts. 
Interisting times for IL-2 thanks to them.  :)
Title: Re: My take on MTO skies based on vpmedia's [4.09] [4.10] [4.11] [4.12]
Post by: SAS~Tom2 on August 25, 2015, 10:23:21 AM
This (well, mostly version 2 and 3) is the set I use atm, 3 versions..


(labelled version 2)
Less shine
(http://s20.postimg.cc/hmhv0i9jh/2015_08_24_at_19_32_071.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/c29z3m025/2015_08_24_at_20_28_19.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

Has a shiny greenish glooming backside towards sun.

(http://s20.postimg.cc/ulo9h9jnx/2015_08_24_at_20_45_56.jpg) (http://postimage.org/)

(http://s20.postimg.cc/cucn2t495/2015_08_24_at_20_42_22.jpg) (http://postimg.cc/image/cucn2t495/)

Chrs pals