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Title: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for DBW
Post by: SAS~CirX on February 09, 2010, 05:54:16 AM

Download SAS ReferencePack for SoundModders (http://storebror.it.cx/sas/archive/sasdl/sound/Gun_Soundmod_ReferencePack_SAS.7z)

How to use this reference pack:

This pack is assebled to give you the toolds to discover what weapon is used by a specific plane, trace that weapon's classfile, and in it, see what soundfile it uses in the SAS complete Soundmod.

The reference groups are numbered in folders, you start at 01.

Step 1: Identify the plane in question:

You can do this with accuracy from the air.ini.

For exable,
              Bf-109E-4         air.BF_109E4 2                                g01   SUMMER

The file I will be looking for in folder 01, will be called BF_109E4

Step 2: Identify the weapons classnames.

Open folder 01 and locate and open BF_109E4.java

If I scroll through the file I will find loadout catagories. These can look different is some files. In this case they look like this:

        Aircraft.weaponsRegister(class1, "default", new String[] {
            "MGunMG17si 1000", "MGunMG17si 1000", "MGunMGFFk 60", "MGunMGFFk 60"

The names I am looking for here are MGunMG17si and MGunMGFFk. I am interested for this example in the Mg17.
I will now go see if these weapons are present in the SAS gunmod, by looking for them in folder 02

Step 3: Find the Gunclasses in folder 02 and identify the prs file names.

Inside folder 02 I will find all the weapons classes that make up the SAS gunmod, OVEr most of the relevant stock gun classfiles. Some of these are "child" classes and some are "super" classes.
Basically, a guntype with have one "superclass", containing all it's parameters, and then many child classes, who may change some of those parameters to represent different models of the gun. Sometimes the gunfile you find will be a child class, and you will need to find it's parent, or superclass, to find the soundfile assignment.

In this case of MGunMG17si, it is a childclass, and you will see it has a line like:

public class MGunMG17si extends MGunMG17s

This means, that MGunMG17s it it's Parent, or Super. Open MGunMG17s and inthere find a sound reference:

gunproperties.sound = "weapon.MGunMG17s";

This means, the prs file that govenrns this weapons sound is called weapon.MGunMG17s.prs

Step 4: Find the prs file in folder 03

If you cannot find it in folder 03, then look in folder 04, which contains the game's stock weapons prs files. If it is not there either, it may be some more esoteric mod. But you can make your own anyway.

Having the prs file, means you now have the tools to make your own mod, rename files, point at different wav files, use samples of your own, and basically, do gun sound mods.

If you dont know how to do this, or the above does not make sense, please dont ask me to explain it better. This is a reference pack for guys who know how to use it.

Also, I am not teaching anyone java. I put these decompiled classes as a tool for soundreference, in a format you can open with a text file. I am not teaching anyone java coding. Also I am not here to explain how some entries work or why they are there and what they do. Please dont ask. This is a reference pack, not an education tool for beginner modders.

Also note that the versions of classes I used here may not be the latest or most accurate, depending on your pack. They are just (more or less) accurate insofar the sound and weapon references, whcih is what this pack is for.


Title: Re: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for Soundmodders
Post by: WillyM on February 09, 2010, 06:53:36 AM
Absolutely outstanding! Exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you for your efforts ....
Title: Re: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for Soundmodders
Post by: WEASELWAGON on February 09, 2010, 09:14:22 AM
I have been hoping for this for a long time.Thank you Cirx.
Title: Re: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for Soundmodders
Post by: arthuro12 on October 05, 2015, 10:02:00 AM
Render me silly, what kind of settings to use to save weapon firing samples?

I use Audacity but I keep hearing blank audio, logs aren't telling me anything.
Title: Re: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for Soundmodders
Post by: Fly! on October 05, 2015, 08:54:02 PM
PCM signed,16 bit, mono
Title: Re: SAS Gunsound Reference Pack for Soundmodders
Post by: arthuro12 on October 06, 2015, 07:41:40 AM
Thank you very much!