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Title: Map loading error?
Post by: slipper on June 24, 2011, 12:29:01 PM
I am trying to add the following map

900x440km RLV map (night / hi-alt map) ~London to Leipzig; beta v0.5

to my installation, however i keep getting the following error message as the map tries to load

I can not get this to load with DBW, tried the original and the new beta version.

The map shows up in the list, but when i try and load it i get a blue screen with the following message at the bottom.

World.Land().LoadMap()error.Java.lang.RuntimeException:Landscape'RLV_Night/load.ini'loading error.

anyone please have any suggestions, has to what this means and a possible workaround?

many thanks

does anyone have any idea what this error message means? i understand some people have managed to get it running with DBW.

any help greatly appreciated