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Title: How compatible is DBW with Lowengrins DCG
Post by: kennel on June 17, 2011, 06:05:54 AM
I have used DCG for a while & some people are saying that DBW is compatible with DCG. I am of the understanding to include new planes we need new classes, allpaints, payloads & allpayloads files completed. I know these have been done for HSFX 5.01 as I have flown Loanstars BOB DCG campaigns.

So if I wish to use new planes within the DCG structure I can either mod the files I have mentioned above or used Mission pro & which case I can fly what ever I want, but if I want to fly against "new planes" like the Dora 15 or those bubble top spits I need to mod files within DCG? or can we do this with mission pro?

Then we come to the new maps.....................................................

The Potential for DBW & DCG is enormous but I am under the impression we are only at the beginning ( which may seem obvious but I`m thinking & typing all the same)