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  14. My Config Settings May Be Off?
  15. screenshots
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  18. Aermachi MB-326 [not a bug]
  19. cougars/super sabre FMB bug?
  20. Early Bf-109 CTD! [user error]
  21. (SOLVED) Vertical Take Off on BAT 3.5 (The Jet Age)
  22. Unable to spawn on runway in the Yak-7 [BAT 3.5]
  23. Rabaul map loading error <solved>
  24. Screenshots are stange colors...
  25. In Game Map? [solved]
  26. Lancaster Mark III- Not working
  27. Some certain ju-87 models gets stuck in loading page at 100% [user error]
  28. TROUBLESHOOTING 101 - pls read this and think about it before you post about a problem
  29. Does anyone have this file? [not a bug]
  30. The Ruhr map
  31. BAT 3.2 Angels High mediafire links not working
  32. FPS Stutter when aircraft takes damage or crashes
  33. Flyby
  34. Many Missing Textures, Possible Game Data Corruption
  35. B.A.T V3.4 Linebacker - No Installer / Torrent download link
  36. Hurricane/Defiant- fix gears opening mod missing
  37. EDIT: the game now loads with the F-14 but i get the FMB bug
  38. Bat won't run windowed
  39. Lag during gameplay on powerful computer
  40. FOV issue - updated logfile with correct info for CTD mod 3.5
  41. Bon Homme Richard Causing Problems
  42. BAT 3.5 Missing wheel chocks.
  43. Lancaster missing?
  44. Noob issue. Cannot find setup.exe file to install BAT files !
  45. About mods directory location
  46. ILS doesn't turn on, and the cursor in RWS mode is missing (unable to move/lock target) after Musketeer
  48. Strange fps bug with contrails
  49. Flow separation effect lag
  50. BAT Install Problems