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  1. Missing aircraft [solved]
  2. B29 turret fire in opposite direction and Hurricane 3d bug
  3. Bu-181 secret weapons
  4. Request: BF109T default skin
  5. F-4B/C/D folders location? Likely user error, but have to ask.
  6. BAT 3.6 CTD.....il2ge/opengl problem? [user error]
  7. White "spots" on water....
  8. Sunderland Cockpit issue
  9. stabilizers for planes not working in 3.6 [user error]
  10. maps not loading, objects not showing
  11. Replacing current contrails effect with the stock one
  12. Version number did not change to 3.6.1 [solved]
  13. BAT re installing
  14. MiG-17A won't fly for me [solved fix]
  15. BAT new GUI
  16. SAR Object still there?
  17. Night Jam on BAT 3.6
  18. JSGME BATMODS - List request
  19. Resolution and fullscreen?
  20. Missing Texture on Hengyang Map
  21. F-14 QMB JTW NavyTrials Wings SOLVED
  22. BAT 3.6 FMB menu query SOLVED
  23. BAT 3.6.1 BLITZ FMB Mission Test Issues
  24. VPMod and Blitz module
  25. BAT 3.6 and ordnance view mod
  26. Crusaders in BAT 3.6--default skin issues? [solved]
  27. BAT 3.6 F-14/F-16/F-18 do not respond to control inputs. [Solved]
  28. Helicopters attack run [fixed in BAT 3.6.1 patch]
  29. F-4 bomb pattern BAT v3.6 [fixed in BAT 3.6.1 patch]
  30. AI Ju-88's & JU-87's no longer ground attack (dive bomb) with BAT V3.5 [SOLVED]
  31. BAT v3.6 + WAW + #BAT_00-FOV Mod -> Crash
  32. He-115 AI does not land on water. [fixed in BAT 3.6.1 patch]
  33. BAT 3.6 missing gunners
  34. BAT v3.6 - tee.exe leftover
  35. BAT 3.6 wont start after installation???
  36. Problem during BAT v3.6 installation
  37. landing gear in up position at start of mission while on runway
  38. T-28 Broken, still.
  39. Missiles aspect limitation?
  40. CTD in BAT 3.5
  41. jets into BAT
  42. Martin Mariner engine cowling issue in BAT Pathfinder
  43. TGA new campaign problem
  44. F-16
  45. IL-2 Selector RAM usage?
  46. Kyushu map by Whitecat
  47. how to zoom view of map in cockpit
  48. Missing Skins
  49. FPS=1 on BAT WAW – Need some assistance (besides existing recommendations)
  50. MOVED: Static ini checker -B.A.T. WAW