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  1. New F1M2 in BAT 3.6.1
  2. Corrupt Install On Second Attempt [solved]
  3. 3.6.2+NG Hud
  4. BAT CantZ 506B takeoff bug
  5. B-25J-1NA wrong cockpit BAT 3.6.2 [fix available]
  6. AH-1W gun turret and missing loadout
  7. Tracks and Bomb Bay Doors
  8. NVidia inspector
  9. Missing Cannon Models
  10. Dauntless missions in B.A.T.
  11. Taking off Problems at DCG due to too much planes on the Runway
  12. Menu Music Repeating shortly
  13. Dynamic lights and reflections problem
  14. log file location, where?
  15. Mirage III Load Out Problems
  16. B.A.T. V3.6.2 Update - Startup Crash at 40%
  17. Possible problem with the Engine Mod and Effects integrated into 3.6.2?
  18. Dawn of Flight What expansion Pack?
  19. F2 function in BAT
  20. Multiplayer DCG Campaign Freeze
  21. This is the defect of weapons found on this aircraft F-82
  22. No bullet casings after installing BAT
  23. Where is the "TRIGGER APPARITION" on BAT FMB?
  24. External sounds heard when canopy open
  25. How to change locale to "ru"?
  26. f-14's cockpit inside texture
  27. DOF TGA JTW don't start.
  28. Cant get BAT to run 1366x768
  29. Yak 7/15 landing gear
  30. Is the new B.A.T. compatible with the Steam 4.13.4 version?
  31. MOVED: Effects mods for actual BAT version ?
  32. BAT Expansion Order necessary?
  33. Is "Stab4all" still available on BAT 3.6.1 ? [solved]
  34. Installed Bat 3.4 sucessfully yet on boots up to Bat 3.3
  35. Do I need to keep the BAT .rar files?
  36. Slovakia Tri Duby
  37. Cockpit/Gunsight bug, Brewster B239 BAT3.6.1 [update available]
  38. Mission issue in 3.6.1 TGA
  39. Adding mods to BAT
  40. Import MAP into B.A.T. V3.6
  41. Game starting to get laggy when I used 8x speed or even Skip Time
  42. Restoring the missing C&C features
  43. Dead pilot bug. J2M3 & J2M5 in BAT 3.6.1
  44. Visualmod
  45. screenshots
  46. BAT loading slow + system requirements + transferring a plane between modules
  47. Weird game crash. Now it no longer works.
  48. BAT 3.6 and F-14 cockpit [user error]
  49. "Map Loading Error"
  50. Missing aircraft and intergrating modules