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  1. carrier wire glitch
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  9. Found 65 class files
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  11. BAT Does Not Start; No Log File In Directory
  12. F4U-1D Loadout
  13. SA-2 Guideline does not work properly
  14. missiles crash game [user error]
  15. Keys to go desktop not working but do in 4.12.2 & 4.11.1
  16. Water effect has gone strange with old gpu
  17. Is it possible to scale the minimap without the mouse wheel?
  18. BAT total size
  19. How do I add skins for aircraft without folders? Spit Vb Tropical for example?
  20. waw crash [user error]
  21. Tiger33 flyby sounds
  22. Yak-11Moose issues in JTW
  23. Desperately after some time of absence...
  24. BAT 3.6 and f14 campaigns
  25. Meteor engine sounds
  26. BAT does not start
  27. Some torpedos unusable: 0m 0kmh requirement
  28. BAT and new pc
  29. CTD while selecting WAW or JTW
  30. Do-18 CTD problem
  31. BAT crash due to 6Dof/TIR Enabled....etc.
  32. Plane Spawns with gear up
  33. Another He 280 question
  34. Problems with FW-190D-9 Early, 1944 [solved]
  35. German radars not working?
  36. BF-109K4 cockpit issue
  37. New "Japan Cat" Zero in BAT?
  38. QMB issue in BAT 3.6.2
  39. Small boats in BAT
  40. Game Freezes and Starts Stuttering.
  41. Spitfire IX reticles
  42. Good news! More C&C objects work!
  43. BAT 3.6 Part 4 fails to extract
  44. OpenGl issues with BAT
  45. WF_La_Chute_Spit973/Chute map missing.[solved]
  46. 3.6.2 won't get past splash screen
  47. P47 Series: Bright green cowling from inside the cockpit.
  48. he-280 3d rework skin broken
  49. Is it me or is the AI Helicopters are broken
  50. AM-39 Engine Sounds Missing