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  16. N17b Engine Inop [solved]
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  18. Wellington, B-25H, Beaufort-MkII and cocpit P47D-27 [solved]
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  20. BAT and 3 monitor setup
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  28. New flap sounds from Expansion Pack 3 [solved]
  29. Bail out collision problem [solved]
  30. Reload Refill Repair [not a bat issue]
  31. Weird graphic distortion [Solved]
  32. F4U-1 interior problem?
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  34. problem with merge effect jcat [solved]
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  36. BAT TGA2 FM [solved]
  37. Il-2 6Dof/TIR Enabled Executable for Modded Il-2 Sturmovik 1946 has stopped work [SOLVED]
  38. #JTW Classcheck
  39. Missing Zero's [solved]
  40. Issue with condensation trails / tracers
  41. The pink Hind [solved]
  42. Single Player Missions Where Are They Please ? [solved]
  43. german torpedoes [solved]
  44. Mini map in game [solved]
  45. should each map work in each module? [solved]
  46. Having very strange resolution issue with widescreen monitor.
  47. Game Crashes When trying to fly certain aircraft [solved]
  48. TAS in HUD possible? [solved]
  49. Campaign File
  50. air.SPITFIRE5C2 missing [solved]