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  12. #WAW2 stabs for all [solved]
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  14. Adding countries in BAT [not an issue at all]
  15. Adding countries in BAT
  16. Another freezing game during WAW performance boost test [solved]
  17. Expansion Pack 10 Problems and Observations [solved]
  18. Transferring aircraft from WAW to TGA and vice versa [no bug]
  19. Reluctant VisualMOD9 [solved]
  20. BATEP11 and WCat Trains FIX [solved]
  21. Minimap icon size [solved]
  22. Missing Home Bases [solved]
  23. No icons on the map.. [solved]
  24. CTD within TGA QMB [solved]
  25. Re: Unable to Take off from Carriers [user error] SOLVED
  26. Identifying installed ep [solved]
  27. quick mision builder / data file corrupt [solved]
  28. Can BAT be installed on a clean 4.13.3m IL-2 install with Modact 6.3? [solved]
  29. BAT WAW module Crash at 70%. [solved, not a BAT bug]
  30. Lost Nimitz class [not a BAT bug]
  31. Me-262 TPF
  32. P-47D-27 not working?
  33. Question about sound channels [solved]
  34. Is it correct that DEF-SKIES_#WAW2 copies files to Maps? [solved]
  35. New Install on New Computer Crashes [no bat issue]
  36. BAT checkpoint: FPS 10 with He 112 [solved]
  37. Bright grass at night? [solved]
  38. mission loading fail:null [not a bat thing]
  39. BATEP10 - doubled objects in the static.ini
  40. Cannot find some of the skin folders. [solved]
  41. New F-4 Beacons
  42. Unfunctional dynamic campaign..? [solved]
  43. USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 in JTW2 - is it showing up correctly in the FMB Object Viewer? [solved]
  44. Chevrolet Flatbed Error Technics.Ini and Solutions [solved]
  45. Pink Planes and Placeholder [solved]
  46. QMBProBAT_2 [solved]
  47. BAT Expansion Pack 07 - Me-262SB-1a has double Interior canopy. [solved]
  48. BATEP07 [solved]
  49. CTD 60% after BATEP09-09B [solved]
  50. Getting Panthers off the deck [solved]