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  1. [Solved] Single Missions and Pilot Career problems in B.A.T.
  2. Installation error [solved]
  3. WaW 70% Crash on Loading [solved]
  4. Question about the file integrity of the BAT files [solved]
  5. Centreline Stores Loadout on Skyraiders [solved]
  6. Unlimited ammo in pal visual mod [solved]
  7. SAMS [solved]
  8. BAT Jet War 90% loading fail [solved]
  9. Has anyone faced the problem of WAW Jets being catapuled backward on aircraft carriers? [solved]
  10. 1918 VIRTUOSO Campaign [user error]
  11. Missing aircraft (again) [solved]
  12. Irritating cursor win default instead of gameĀ“s! [solved]
  13. Wellington Mk.III - some positions of crewmen - missing [mostly solved]
  14. BAT crash at 5% [user error]
  15. 6Dof/TIR Error/Shutdown [solved]
  16. F-105 [solved]
  17. Cannons missing on Luftwaffe aircraft
  18. Strange crashing with bombers [solved]
  19. P-51 nose art [solved]
  20. On Screen Messages [solved]
  21. In Flight Maps [solved]
  22. Surroundings sound [solved]
  23. Installation Issues with GOG [solved]
  24. US Navy Campaign and the Midway Map [user error]
  25. Low FPS, Stuttering, and crashing [solved]
  26. JTW2 module USS BonHommeRichard not showing up - finally solved (at least for me) [solved]
  27. Where do I find the 3do for the Mosquito TR33 in BAT? [not a bug]
  28. get rid of B.A.T. minimap ? [solved]
  29. Limited Ammo mod ??? [solved]
  30. Multiple ships not showing up [solved]
  31. Crash/freeze on selecting campaign. [user error]
  32. Guadalcanal maps [not a BAT issue]
  33. Breguet 19 Lorrane - Spanish Civil War campaign [mostly solved]
  34. P-40E-M-105 [solved]
  35. FW-190D-9 Late WORKING!!!! [hotfix]
  36. BAT graphics [solved]
  37. White Bombs on Corsairs in JTW2 [solved]
  38. Stationary planes- Beechcraft 18, 1937 [not a bug]
  39. Trouble with BAT Instalation [solved]
  40. B6N2 bombsight [user error]
  41. CRC Hashes for all BAT components [not a bug]
  42. F-4 Catapult [no log, no error]
  43. BATEXP12: FW190 D9 Late 1945 in some files [solved]
  44. Quit mission RED NONE Button freezing [user error]
  45. Question on map duplication - this is not a problem. [right so: no bug!]
  46. FMB - is it a tech issue? [solved]
  47. OpenGL driver Error 3 and Video TDR Failure [user error]
  48. Just donwloaded bat and did the installer and this just happens [solved]
  49. #WAW2 Armor start engine not running [solved]
  50. IL-2 B.A.T. Selector is stuck on The Golden Age [solved]