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  1. Martlets not being launched properly [user error]
  2. section in the conf.ini [solved]
  3. BAT Ki-44 Hei Gunsight [solved]
  4. A lot of texture issues and camera glitches after install of BAT [user error]
  5. BAT 3.2 NIMITZ catapults [solved]
  6. Floating controls in P-38 [solved]
  7. Changed video card and jagged edges have re appeared [solved]
  8. Filelist for SFS extraction [solved]
  9. BAT system resources use [solved]
  10. QMB-Scramble mission issue [user error]
  11. BAT V3.2 problem reporting thread
  12. Bombsight Altitude and Velocity to International units [not a bug]
  13. Collapsing landing gear problem in some Single missions [solved]
  14. Mediafire trouble - cannot download Angels High parts. [solved]
  15. missing Lanc in BAT angels high. [user error]
  16. Text colour on the screen [solved]
  17. Modify embedded SAS Small FX Collection [not a bug]
  18. Instalation Log file Do I need this? [solved]
  19. Selector Does Not Respond [user error]
  20. planes that don't take of [user error]
  21. Me-163 and 262 missing from WAW aircraft list [user error]
  22. DOF3.2 der Adler von Triest campaign error. [solved]
  23. I'm getting: "error during extraction of bat25 zip . . . " [solved]
  24. Lost Hawker Hunter and Koolhoven Engine Sounds [solved]
  25. Catapult Issues [user error]
  26. Will BAT support 3840x2160 ? [solved]
  27. Low FPS with BAT V2 [solved]
  28. Privateer nonfunctional in 3.2 [user error]
  29. il2 1946 BAT mod crashing at 20% [user error]
  30. Angels High Installer not working [user error]
  31. BAT Campaigns/Career also flashing when choosing [not a bug]
  32. Bombsight/bombardier place problem [not a bug]
  33. BAT checkpoint and operation sealion [solved]
  34. Do-17s donĀ“t start after Angels high update [solved]
  35. P51B/C Malcolm Hood - missing? [user error]
  36. Missing HUD icons and pop ups [solved]
  37. Crash on selector [solved]
  38. Sound Issue - Radio Chatter is distorted - plays real fast - then real slow [user error]
  39. BAT TGA (v 3.1) Auto-pilot and navigation points [not a bug]
  40. WAW freezing during Dgen campaign [solved]
  41. Project 85 ini lines missing [solved]
  42. installing bat [solved]
  43. Henschel HS 129/Landing gear horn [not a bug]
  44. Missing missions and Vp modpack install for B.A.T. [not a bug]
  45. Track IR 5 [wtf?]
  46. Issue with Norton and installers - alternative unzip insallation [solved]
  47. Any chance to disable the hakencross in BAT? [solved]
  48. B.A.T installation Issue [user error]
  49. Is it possible to use the driveable PT Boat mod in B.A.T? [wtf?]
  50. QMB Missions giving me "Data:Null" and "Data Corrupted" Messages [solved]