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 on: Today at 10:30:11 AM 
Started by Arthur-A - Last post by SAS~vampire_pilot
If you have the space, use both in the same install! BAT supports VP


 on: Today at 09:19:20 AM 
Started by Arthur-A - Last post by sixstrings
Have both VP modpack and BAT . Seem to play VP more as i'm mainly into WWII . Compact and very well thought out. Just now getting into BAT in the WWI era and find it a lot of fun. Both are great and easy to install as i have had no problems with either . My nod goes to VP modpack for what it is and ease of installation . Can't go wrong with either.Thanks to all involved to bring us both and for free to boot. Regards,Scott

 on: Today at 09:06:02 AM 
Started by Atoka220 - Last post by max_thehitman

DonĀ“t forget also that there are about 15+ types of bomb craters as static models for use on all maps.
Those stay in their place forever.

 on: Today at 09:04:34 AM 
Started by western0221 - Last post by western0221
What hook i had to add in fuelReceiver plane?

Can't find "_Probe <BASE>" in Kc-10 transport

"_Receptacle" in Nose_D0.MSH  ;)

 on: Today at 09:00:12 AM 
Started by DougW60 - Last post by DougW60
with Bf-109 G-14 and Spitfire IX if you pre-ordered Boldenplatte.  Spit IX has an option for the gyro-gunsight

Update change list:

1. Bf 109 G-14 is available to all Battle of Bodenplatte owners;
2. Spitfire Mk.IXe is available to all Battle of Bodenplatte owners;
3. Finishing a mission no longer results in an incorrect results screen while using automatic login via autoplay.cfg file;
4. Multiplayer server ban time control has been fixed;
5. The random black screen issue while joining a multiplayer server should be gone now;
6. The multiplayer modifications blocking logic has been corrected;
7. Two units that were AI-only are joinable now: 15.(span)/JG 27 (BOM) and 13.(slow.)/JG 52 (BOK). In addition, two new pilot biographies were added. Big thanks to the community enthusiasts who wrote the texts!
8. Vehicles in a column shouldn't crash into a destroyed vehicle (QMB and Career modes);
9. Player home airfield won't have an empty callsign anymore (Career);
10. The Career mission generator won't fail when there are too few aircraft left in a unit;
11. Many text corrections in the Career mode;
12. The issue in the Career mode when a pilot transferred to another unit still flew for his former unit has been fixed;
13. All single missions should display correctly in the mission list;
14. Default map zoom in has been corrected both in briefing and in flight;
15. Gunsight settings (set distance, etc.) won't reset anymore when a new enemy aircraft is spawned;
16. Tank handling (turning) at higher speeds has been improved;
17. Wrong world scale in Windows Mixed Reality devices such as Samsung Odyssey caused by the doubled reported IPD value should be fixed now.

 on: Today at 08:58:17 AM 
Started by Edlor - Last post by TeamFlyingAce162
A little late to the news; but I would also like to extend my fullest sympathy and support to you and your folks at the passing of your Old Man (that's not rude, is it?) We can only pray he's gone to a better place.

He did something pretty amazing and selfless: spending years putting out projects for basically zero return, other then to make everyone's experience with this long-running sim that much more enjoyable.

For that, he has my utmost thanks.

And damn, the things he was working on definitely look interesting.

 on: Today at 08:41:06 AM 
Started by blackshark - Last post by Hans-Joachim Marseille
Yes. You search inside the campaign you play and look for the mission number. Then you copy and paste that file into the folder "Single" (outside the missions!). After that you can access the mission in the FMB (look for it in the menu and you should see it.) In there you can also modify it if you wish to do so. And play it of course... ;)

 on: Today at 08:24:07 AM 
Started by western0221 - Last post by 4S_Vega
What hook i had to add in fuelReceiver plane?

Can't find "_Probe <BASE>" in Kc-10 transport

 on: Today at 08:15:15 AM 
Started by DaveB - Last post by DaveB
If using v2 of the mod in bat try removing the buttons

 on: Today at 07:51:45 AM 
Started by blackshark - Last post by blackshark
hi all, I am enjoying this wonderful sim and a question arose to me ... maybe it obvious for you, but not for me  :-X  ... so, if in a campaign I fly a mission that I like very much and I woild like to play it again in the future (maybe the 7th or 8th of a campaign), is there a way to "save" just that mission to play again in the future without replaying all the campaign ?

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