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 on: Today at 04:00:58 AM 
Started by SAS~Storebror - Last post by SAS~Storebror
Today's morning mist:


 on: Today at 03:49:45 AM 
Started by WxTech - Last post by SAS~Storebror
By the by; are any of the bits outlined above still outstanding issues in 4.13?
No idea.
As for the cheap approach, I can only encourage you not to repeat the mistakes others made before.
If you still decide to stick to that way, it's of course your choice.
We'll talk about that again once you've noticed the block you've just tied to your leg in that case :P


 on: Today at 03:32:54 AM 
Started by Stainless - Last post by Stainless
Collision meshes in.

They animate correctly, but interestingly it looks like the tail wheel and the flaps don;'t have collision meshes.

One step forward, two steps back.... sigh.

 on: Today at 03:28:50 AM 
Started by WxTech - Last post by WxTech
I understand your points, and even suspected that this approach would be limited and less elegant. But as I noted, my first desire was merely to fix individual issues that suggested they might involve minor tweaks. Such as:

- The aforementioned relocation of the night light in the P-39 (to fix texture flicker with my modded N-2 gun sight.)

- The aforementioned fixing of the F4F-3 airspeed gauge scaling.

- The aforementioned P-39 turn rate needle hyper-sensitivity.

- Altering the gunfire illumination characteristics (especially for a few guns not included in a MGun class mod pack.)

- Fixing the tracer rate error for the ShVAK cannon (you might dimly recall our discussion in 2014, where you found the problem and issued a mod that at the time I naively thought might not be compatible with 4.08.)

- Will look at fixing the awful behavior of the P-40 (and other 'pits) gyro compass, it behaving just like the mag compass due to sharing the same variable. I see in the P-39 code a way to fix this, by defining different variables for the azimuth as used by their respective gauges.

Such stuff principally for my own edification (and learning) is why I'm at the moment content enough with the 'simple.'

By the by; are any of the bits outlined above still outstanding issues in 4.13?


 on: Today at 02:49:15 AM 
Started by JG13~Jäger - Last post by JG13~Jäger
Beautiful skin, mate! 
Glad to hear that this please you  8)

 on: Today at 02:23:22 AM 
Started by WxTech - Last post by SAS~Storebror
Yes I know, and I'm also aware of how tempting it is to start "coding" from with DJ Java Decompiler for instance, or just "javac" on the command line for the same effect.
Note however that starting with Eclipse and do it right from the beginning hasn't been chosen here to be mad at you.
It's because if you take the supposedly "easy" approach, you will do all the work twice, because you'll hit the limits of that approach much sooner than you ever thought you would.
And even more, it makes things unnecessarily complex and results in extremely ugly code most of the times, as we see from all those who still work that way.
Eclipse has the great benefit of dealing with things like dependencies, imports, package structures etc. on it's own, and it clearly tells you where you've made your mistakes - all of this neither of the "easy" tools can do.

Therefore my advise always is to make it right from the beginning and don't even bother to deal with these unsuitable "easy" packs.


 on: Today at 02:17:34 AM 
Started by SAS~Storebror - Last post by SAS~Storebror
Well then...
Guess this one:


 on: Today at 02:13:55 AM 
Started by WxTech - Last post by WxTech
Yeah, some months ago I was looking over a bunch of our Java topics here and didn't find anything that seemed simple enough to inspire confidence to jump in. I guess I was waiting for a ready-made 'kit' that required the minimum of thinking and fuss. ;)  My current needs are not so demanding, and a quick 'n dirty starter pack seemed the right way to get going.

 on: Today at 01:58:51 AM 
Started by Stainless - Last post by Stainless
Yesterday was one of those frustrating days you get in game development. It's worthwhile talking about as it was a good example of the sorts of things that can go wrong even when you have been writing games for 40 years.

I noticed some strange things happening in the lighting and couldn't find a reason for it. So I decided it was time to add the debug tools I have been planning for a long time.

The first stage of that was to get the collision meshes into the game. Once they are in I can do a ray collision check allowing you to click on an object and have a debug menu come up.

So I modified the modtool to export the collision meshes and the game to load them. Then I added a debug line draw and added code to draw the meshes.

Game crashed.

I looked into it and the debug line draw had over 200,000 lines in the array. Should have been about 3,000. This made no sense. So I changed the code to only draw a single collision mesh with 84 lines. I had over 5000.


I swore a lot, then had a coffee, then had a cig, then swore some more.

Eventually I realised what was happening.

The code is heavily multi-threaded. Two cores of the CPU are dedicated to rendering and asset streaming. The rest of the available cores are used by the game update.

The game update creates render command sets which are added to a list for the renderer to handle. The renderer keeps two lists, one it is rendering and one that the update is creating and swaps between them.

The thing I forgot to do was sync the update and render loops.

The update loop is running about 60 times faster than the render loop. So every time the renderer draws the list , it has 60, yes SIXTY copies of the scene to render.

I am not seeing one spitfire and 12 HE-111's

I am seeing 60 spitfires and 720 He 111's, just on top of each other.

And it's still running at 120 frames per second.

Man sometimes this job takes years off your life.

 on: Today at 12:41:31 AM 
Started by SAS~Storebror - Last post by mexchiwa
I got nuthin.  Open house

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