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Author Topic: READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!  (Read 13282 times)

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« on: July 21, 2009, 11:15:58 AM »


1) That you do some searching and self education before asking a question
2) That you read topics completely before asking a question
3) That you name your topic something relevant to your problem that makes sense to people helping, and searching for help. No "help please" or "I have a question" titles please.
4) Indepently of where you post a help request tell us which mod activator or wich mod-pack you are using, which button and when you have tried to solve the problem tell us what you have done. Also its good to know which kind of mods (e.g. 'special' mods etc) you are using.

SAS policies on Compatibility & Support:

1) We may choose to only offer support for the SAS mod activator here
2) We may choose to only offer support for mods and versions of mods hosted on this forum
3) While we can help you make other mods from other sites work on our system pretty much 100% of the time (and we will, just ask), we cannot help you if our mods wont work on other systems than the SAS mod activator.

4) The only pack we offer direct support for at this time is Dark Blue World and its updates.

Good Practices:

1) Have a multiple copies of IL2 on your PC, for different versions and purposes
2) Always make backups, for everything
3) Install and test mods ONE AT A TIME

Offline vs Online:

We are an OFFLINE community. Therefore it is much easier for us to bring out certain types of mod or plane than for the online guys. They have to take a crapola more things into consideration than we do. Therefore it is very very important that online players who download here take note that we did NOT test our mods for online use.

We leave their qualification, integration and adaptation to online play, to the leaders of the online communities.

Do not come crying to us if you get kicked off a server for having bombs that wont go off, or if half your planes are suddenly slower than they were, or if you suddenly cannot see the 109's that are shooting you down.  ;D

We warned you. Use online at your own risk.

Marking Problems as SOLVED

Because we often have to read through many posts, we use a system of adding '~SOLVED' to a problem once it has been addressed.
We ask only that if you post with a problem here, and it gets resolved for you, that you please just add in your post that it is fixed.
It is then easier for us to find threads that still need to be addressed.
This is a small ask, but quite important for us.
So, please chaps, once your problem has been addressed, if you'd be so kind as to let us know, and not just run off and leave us in the dark.
This is basically the virtual equivalent of saying thankyou, and we appreciate good manners here.
Thanks for reading this, and may any of your IL2 problems soon be ~SOLVED  8)

And put thumbs up in the message icon, for those of us Who Can't Read Good (and want to learn how to do other things good too)

Please bear in mind that this site is not a business, or a service, or any kind of entity. This is a hobby site run by gang of enthusiasts of IL2, for their own entertainment. That we permit people to join this group of maniacs, participate, or just download and use the things they make, is just a friendly gesture from our side, it is not a contractual obligation for us to serve you.

We hope to make your modded game, along with ours, DA BOM! ;D


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