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Author Topic: Tutorial Step 3 - Linking Shadows and LODS  (Read 2202 times)

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Tutorial Step 3 - Linking Shadows and LODS
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:39:47 PM »

Step 3: Linking Shadows and LODS

Your whole model must be centered at 0,0,0

Separate the parts of your model according to Il2 nomenclature (think of the Hier.him that serves you as a frame for your model):

1) Fixed Parts:
Engine 1_D0, GearL2_D0 (if fixed), (GearL3_D0, GearL4_D0, GearL5_D0 if needed), , GearR2_D0 (If fixed), (GearR3_D0, GearR4_D0, GearR5_D0 if needed), CF_D0,Tail1_D0, Keel1_D0, GearC1_D0 (If skid), GearC2_D0 (if fixed), WingLin_D0, WingLMid, Do, WingLOut_D0, WingRIn_D0, WingRMid_D0, WingROut_D0, Blister_D0, Blister1_D0, Wire_D0 etc... 
2) Mobile parts:
Prop1_D0, GearL1_D0, GearR1_D0, GearL2_D0 (if mobile), (GearL3_D0, GearL4_D0, GearL5_D0 if needed and mobile), , GearR2_D0 (If mobile), (GearR3_D0, GearR4_D0, GearR5_D0 if needed and mobile)Rudder1_D0, VatorL_D0, VatorR_D0, Flap01_D0, Flap02_D0, AroneL_D0, AroneR_D0 (AroneLn_D0 and AroneRn_D0 if needed), Turret1A-D0, Turret1B_D0, Turret1C_D0, Turret2A_D0, Turret2B_D0, Turret2C_D0, GearC1_D0 (if wheel) etc...

Merge your Shadow model (Taking care that the Shadow model has also been centered to 0,0,0 before merging, and with the same orientation, obviously, as the model itself)
Link each shadow part to its homologous part:
Click on "select object icon" and click on a Shadow element,
Then click on the "select and link" icon,
Click on the "Select by name" icon and, inside the pop up window ,choose the homologous model's element (CF_D0 for a Shadow CF_D0 for instance),
Then click on the "link" button a the right bottom quadrant of this pop up window,
Then finish by clicking on the "sec object icon".
Repeat ad libitum....

When all the homolgous part are finshed rename ALL your Shadow linked parts, one by one, with the same name: SHW_LOD1 (SHW_LOD0 may also probably fit)

It's a very simple process, just tedious and requiring patience 

Linking LODs is a totally similar process but, to my mind, a totally un-necessary one. LODs belong to the requirements of past generations of PCs and graphic cards, and are totally un-necessary with the last generations of PCs (already for quite a time by now!). A single LOD 500 definition for your initial model will be enough to give a perfect resolution at all distances,in accordance with the reality of vision of the human eye. May be there is a need for an additional LOD1000 but no more than that. Try by yourself and you'll quite probably reach the same conclusion.
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