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Author Topic: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update  (Read 68836 times)

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B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« on: December 21, 2021, 05:53:14 AM »

NEW +++ BAT v4.2.1 update +++ Hotfix 03 available! +++



You need to have a working, clean BAT v4.2 Flashpoint


How do I install an update?

1. download all the files into one folder (make sure, this place is on your windows defender exception list!)
2. deactivate all JSGME Mods for safety
3. run the installer exe and direct the extraction into your BAT install
4. enjoy

-this update will install a new set of .ini files! Any changes you made to air.ini, stationary.ini... etc. will be overwritten.

-this update does NOT delete any folders![/color]


I was doing an overview recently and here's some basic statistics for BAT for you:

Player base:
  >2700 complete BAT 4.2 downloads  (since end of September)

Plane slots:
  DOF: 227
  TGA: 417
  WAW: 1395
  JTW: 535

  individual slots, total: 2137

  Maps:  502

And what's in the bag...?

new maps:

- Pensacola / Eglin   repop / re-texture  - vampire_pilot

The original map was made by agracier. I re-populated and re-textured it for two versions: pre WW2 and Jet Age.
This was my first adventure in any form of map building...

- modern India / Pakistan /Afghanistan  -  CY6

- Nauru - BB

- Congo delta - agracier

- Ebro delta - agracier

map updates:

- Green 4 v2 update - agracier
- Poland_1939 Map update v.3 - vonOben
- New Guinea maps  - VP_Media re-textured


-new moon texture mod - by WxTech

- Macon-sized airship mooring mast (new object, right after airship hangars)
- power plant cooling tower by WxTech

Damaged Houses fix by vonOben

World at War:


Hall PH-3
A pre-war flying boat, mostly used by the US Coast Gurad
by Zflyer48

Curtiss P-36 AT-12 "Guardsman"
The P-36 doubleseater probably never really was used as a trainer. Most were delivered to bases as liaison hacks.
FM1, Beowolff, WarBird, Hunter, CY6, Ton414 and others

The Seversky J-9 was the Swedish version of the P-35, 60 were delivered and were in use until 1944.
Barnesy12 - 3D
Archie1971 - Default skin.
Frankiek - Original P-35 idea and mod.
Redfox90 - Original and excellent P-35 3D upgrade.
SAS Cirx - P-36 flyable cockpit mod.
CWatson - Slot.

Heinkel He-70 (new 3d model and slot)
The old Franken is moved to the old hangar.
3d model by Pedro Caparros
import by Dimon
stanislao, CWatson

Bloch MB.151
MG only armed model  to accompany the cannon-armed 152
- Original mod by Ranwers & Loku, converted to 409 by Epervier
- Altimeter texture by greybeard
- Wheels by PA_Jeronimo
- Revised wing meshes by Barnesy
- Default skin by Leperemagloire
- Slot CWatson

Douglas B-18 Bolo
THE pre-war bomber of the USAAF. Despite the numbering sequence, it was the B-17 which succeeded it in strength. During the great depression, the B-18 had been just more cost effective than the B-17s.
import by Dimon
3d stanislao
class CWatson
cockpit Asura

North American A-36 Apache
The dive bomber Mustang is here to say hello.
CWatson concept, dive brakes, slot, class files, internal opening cockpit , Fm,
Barnesy 3D works pilot new parts blah blah etc
Gumpy TGA. tweaks testing etc
Jarink:Default skin.

FIAT G.56 
The very advanced late war fighter from Italy.
"revisited" version
Original Idea/Mod by SAS~CirX
Doc Strangelove, Gumpy, Carsmaster, Barnesy, Baracca - 3-D & Java (G.55S Silurante)
Vasya/Aviaskins - New FM
Spitwulf, PA_Jeronimo - 3D parts (G.55A)
Skin/Template Credits:Hayate, Abraxa/Giobianco

Bf-110A0 and B1   BAT exclusive

In 1937, the first pre-series run of the Bf-110A was powered by the Jumo210 as an interim solution and had a two blade propeller. It proved to be underpowered. The first B series run still had the Jumos since the DB601 wasn't availble yet, so almost a hundred were built and delivered to training units.

This is based on a very old mod by Riken (aka Bf-110B4) which had suffered form a few functional issues I could iron out now. I added Jumo-style chin coolers and divided the versions with new FMs. This is a for fun pre-war mod.
- cooler parts are not skinnable but work with vpmedia Bf-110 skins.
- early style cockpit, including gunner station
- new FM
- A0: 4x 7.7mm;  B1 4x 7.7mm + 2x 20mm


Arado Ar 232B
With it's all-terrain landing gear and the rear loading ramp, the Ar 232 is a very advanced design
by Zflyer48

E13A1B flyable in new slot
This has been a WIP for a longer time but is eventually added as-is now.
It has folding wings, radar, torpedoes...
TD, CWatson and SAS~Bombsaway

Airships ZRS and ZRCV position lights on with loudout "empty" - ZRS Macon has two lights placed next to the hangar for nocturnal operations!

P-39N1M  and  P-39Q-30
Two additional Airacobra slots with Russian modifications and loadouts.
by Karabas-Barabas

Polikarpov I-187
A very mean looking fighter of the I-185 family. It didn't make it off the drawing boards in 1943/44 (none built), but that does not prevent it from flying in Il-2 BAT
import by Dimon

Ilyushin IL-1
In 1944, the IL-1 was built as a single prototype for a heavily armored low level fighter
import by Dimon

A heavy fighter which didn't make it beyond prototype status
101tfs- 3D importation
CWatson- Classes and Flightmodel
MrCraig - various

FM-1 Airacuda  revisited:

- original mod by ZFlyer48
- new default skin, new FM and java classes
- Allison engine sound
- AI now attacks targets, rear gunner shooting
- navlights and landing lights

reintroduction of the Me-262 V3 1942 tail sitter

The four tail-sitter prototypes had a differently placed main gear. The old mod didn't change this and was standing at too steep an angle with a CoG problem. I moved the gear forward to it's proper position so this fun mod can now perform its only real trick to satisfaction: take off and landing in a tail wheel jet.
Therefore I simply closed up the underbelly, this mod has no more visible wheel wells and comes as-is for fun.

- original mod by Slow
- closed wheel wells
- gear moved forward for better CoG
- retractable tail gear
- MG151/20 and MK-108 test loadouts
- modified default skin with removed wheel wells.
- bonus: two marked skins for V2 and V3 PC+UB, PC+UC

new cockpits by Asura:

Martin Mars

Stearman PT-17
- FS import by Asura + a few clipping tweaks by me

PV-2 Harpoon
including radar

cockpits by WxTech:

- Ki-44 II
- Ki-43 II / II Kai

- Wildcats

- P-38

various updates and fixes:

- LeO H.470 generator fix  (Epervier/IES)
- FM-2Z non-US wing fix
- French flying boats FM/clip fix (Epervier/IES)
- Ki-27 KO (Japan) cockpit blister fix
- Lancaster bomb sight obstruction fix: now you can move sight further up with less obstructions.
- B-24 and B-17 propeller fix
- He-111 wing LOD fix  (WxTech)
- Opel Blitz FPS fix (vonOben)
- P-11c and P-24 gun sight fix - WxTech
- Hawk II added from TGA for China War scenarios
- B-24D 140, improved bombardier pit 3d
- He-280: various small improvements on plane and in cockpit


- WxTech'S tanker explosion and wake fix

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge:


- RAF SE5 cockpit clipping and double mesh fix


Heinkel He-70 (new 3d model and slot)
same as in WAW, but with SCW default skin (void included!)

Integrated from DOF:  Felixstowe F2A/F
The Felixtowe was used well into the late 20s by Britain and the US Navy (as Curtiss F.5)

Integrated from WAW:  J2F Duck
The Duck was first introduced in 1935 as JF. While we have a model of the later J2F type, it's a worthwhile addition to TGA as well I think, especially since it is amphibian.

To complete the sea plane frenzy, I also added the Hall PH-3 by Zflyer48

various updates and fixes:

- Curtiss Falcon cockpit updates
- Curtiss Falcon (radial) US center float added
- Curtiss Falcon FM update
- F11C/HawkII default skin size fix
- F11C/HawkII 500lb loadout added
- F11C/HawkII COG fix for better carrier take-off
- new tear shaped 30gal external tank for F9C-2 and F11C/HawkII
- LeO H.470 generator fix  (Epervier/IES)
- Voisin III Michelin 155mm loadout fix
- A1N exhaust vectors fix
- French flying boats FM/clip fix (Epervier/IES)
- D1A FM + tube sight fix
- Lockheed Vega FM + compass fix
- Ki-27 KO (Japan) cockpit blister fix
- P-11c and P-24 gun sight fix - WxTech


A polish jet trainer
Kelso -  classes, loadouts,
Ranwers - 3d plane


Too late for WW2, the Brigand saw servive in the 1950s in Singapore
Tyrl- Cockpit repaint and mirror
CWatson- Classwork
101tfs- All 3D importation.

Supermarine Attacker
A rare breed: a tail sitter jet! From the days when jets were considered a safety risk on aircraft carriers...
import by Dimon, pvd

new cockpits by Asura:

-OV-10 Bronco

-Martin Mars, see WAW

updated cockpits by BisonM:

-Tu-16, Tu-95, Tu-142

various updates and fixes:

- Su-7BMK animation fixes
- Vampire FB.5 nose wheel fix
- Su-26 wheels up fix

This is a work of many - Special thanks to Storebror, Whistler, cbradbury, Epervier, Griffon_301, and everyone who's modded work is in there!


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2021, 05:54:14 AM »

fixes and patches

A couple of fixes and adjustments have come up and I would like to present a third Hotfix Pack, which brings it all to you.
Unless indicated, the fixes are usually my own.

BAT 4.2.1 Hotfix is now superseded by the BAT 4.2.2 update!

- It does not affect personal mods you may have added.
- It does not delete any files.
- It does not overwrite any .ini files.
- It does not touch any BATMODS material.
- It only addresses some BAT core files and stock BAT content.
- No new version number. This is just a hotfix, not a new update.

-It replaces WAW era weapons.properties, regInfo.properties and regShort.properties

Simply download and run it, and direct it to your BAT 4.2.1 install, it does not matter if you have the previous hotfixes  or not :)

Code: [Select]

-all of hotfix patch 01 & 02

-Radar Avengers loadout fix (Knochenlutscher)
-B5N/B6N 800kg bomb loadout fix
-TBD-1 damage fix
-G4M, B6N tropedo 91 stock version loadout added
-A-20C/G stock version torpedo loadouts added
-B-24J Bat bomb loadout fix
-F1M2 cockit night textures fix
-P63 cockpit repaint (Repetier_71)
-He-162C&D fix (Loku)
-LaGG-3 tail wheel animation fix (where applicable)
-F4U1D loadout list expanded for backwards compatibility
-Me-209 damage fix
-DOF Farman 11 Hydro fix
-JTW Skyraider aileron fix

-TGA module: critical fix for several planes and objects not loading
-ZRS and ZRCV airships improved defense armament
-FM-2 Wildcats loadout inconsistency and naming fix
-Hs-126 cockpit and canopy upgrade (Mission_bug)
-UPF-7 skyhook shadow fix
-Squadrons name display fix (Venator77)

-J2F arty spotter button fix
-A1N tail hook added
-ZRCV default skin fix
-Ta-183 4x X7 loadout fix
-WAW: A2N cockpit fix
-TB-1 wheel shine fix
-O2SU Kingfisher fixed window frames skinnable

-Aleutians map: Dutch Harbor small airfield fix
-Kanto: Iwo Jima texture fix
-ag Djibouti: update fix by agracier
-Murmansk winter "solid water" fix
-Less gloomy default sky in Coral Sea maps
-Green Hell: Buna airfield fix

Andy H

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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2021, 06:09:38 AM »

Downloading now. Many thanks to all concerned.  :)


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2021, 07:31:50 AM »

Thanks for your work and everybody involved

Wiseman : "Did you speak the exact words?" Ash : "Look, maybe I didn't say every single little tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah."


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2021, 07:57:08 AM »

Many thanks to Vampir and everyone involved in improving B.A.T
I appreciate and respect the hard work. ]thumright[

Personally, I feel a bit let down... Nothing and nothing about helicopters, but I get it. ]dontknow[
Keep it up gentlemen ]hello2[


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2021, 08:24:39 AM »

Thank you again, and your crew as well, vampire_pilot. Happy holidays to you all!  ]thumbsup[
A ya tsi-tsalagi.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2021, 08:26:04 AM »

Excellent as always.Many thanks to all involved.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #7 on: December 21, 2021, 08:33:39 AM »

Personally, I feel a bit let down... Nothing and nothing about helicopters, but I get it. ]dontknow[

I tried to contact Monty about this during the development phase, unsuccessfully.
Myself, I am impartial about Helis and if someone wants to join and partake in developing a package with me, I am open for PM.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #8 on: December 21, 2021, 08:37:28 AM »

Excellent ! Will give me some work between Christmas and New Year !!!


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #9 on: December 21, 2021, 09:12:14 AM »

Downloaded and installed without a hitch.
Huge thanks to all involved.

To all SAS members:
   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022: may Covid pandemic come to an end!


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2021, 11:08:47 AM »

An early little present by vampire_santa ;D
Thank you for your work!
There are 2 certain things in life: Death and CTDs


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2.1 Update
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2021, 11:38:48 AM »

Great work, meticulously prepared as always, many thanks Andy & gentlemen of the crew,
Best,  8)
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